Park, Wimar battle of titans

Barring last-minute legal maneuvers, opening arguments in a case that could affect the business landscape at Stateline will begin today.

In late 2005 the owners of the Horizon Hotel & Casino sued Park Cattle Co. in an attempt to keep the owners of the property the Horizon sits on from evicting them.

That lawsuit precipitated a countersuit from Park Cattle to essentially evict Horizon owners Wimar Entertainment from the property.

Wimar has gone to the Nevada Supreme Court in order to delay today's court date, without success.

On Monday, Douglas County jurors were called to hear the case.

The question they face is a difficult one concerning two billion-dollar companies.

At issue is how much control Park Cattle has over its lessee's building. Should the jury decide that Park can take over the Horizon, does Park have to compensate Wimar for the cost of the building?

The entire issue leaves us wondering whether it wouldn't have been cheaper in the long run to address Park Cattle's complaints about the structure.

The trial is expected to take more than two months to complete and odds are whoever loses the jury verdict will take the case to the Nevada Supreme Court.

Certainly the attorneys for both sides already know the way.


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