Another storm brewing

Another fast moving storm is forecast to roll through Western Nevada with snow levels down to 6,000 feet near Lake Tahoe by Monday morning, according to a National Weather Service special advisory issued this morning. Whether there is snow or not, there will be wind, which is expected to pick up to 20 mph with gusts of up to 30 mph at 11 a.m. The gusts will increase to nearly 40 mph by 5 p.m., or about the time they're trying to pack up Candy Dance. Any precipitation associated with this storm won't have much of a chance until 5 a.m. Monday. Most of that will fall north of Highway 50, according to today's forecast. The high today will be 72 degrees, as the storm pushes warm air out in front of it. The temperature in Genoa is presently 35 degrees.


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