The R-C Morning Report

The answer to all those national media questions about how long the aerial search for Steve Fossett would go on is two weeks. The National Guard's C-130 was pulled off the search on Saturday. On Monday the Civil Air Patrol suspended aerial searching pending finding new places to look. Today the aerial search is down to the five National Guard helicopters and searchers from the Flying M Ranch. The search on the ground is continuing and everyone has said any new credible leads will be followed up on quickly.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office armored personnel carrier crushed about 30 child's car seats at Douglas Disposal on Monday morning. The car seats were turned in or confiscated because they were too old or defective. Capt. Mike Biaggini said the idea is to keep the seats from ever being used again. I've got video of the crushing, which I will get posted as soon as I get time to work on it.

A cool low pressure system is expected to roll into Western Nevada on Wednesday afternoon bringing with it the first snow level of the season, 7,000 feet, and a good chance for showers. It's going to be windy today and Wednesday as this thing moves south. The Weather Service is still trying to figure out what track the low will take into the area. That will determine whether and how much precipitation we get. The wind, you can bet, will be here. Today's weather is mostly sunny with a high near 77 degrees and winds ranging from 5 to 15 mph with the occasional 30 mph gust.


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