Swimming Pool - Lesley Solt

Place of residence: Gardnerville for 16 years

Occupation: Retired Accountant/Office Manager

Age: 60

Contact information:



Incumbency: Candidate for office

Education: High school graduate

Record of service: I am currently president of the women's society at my church and participate in other community services in Carson Valley. I was secretary of a homeowners association for several years, and was formerly involved in the 4-H Clubs as a leader and group leader. I retired from a manufacturing firm in Carson City after twenty years as an accountant and office manager.


I have been a regular attendee at the East Fork Swimming Pool Board meetings and have a good working relationship with all incumbent members. I am also a frequent user and exercise class member at the Swim Center for over three years. I have acted as a liaison between the pool users, Swim Center Management, and the Swim Center Board of Trustees.

My business experience would contribute positively to the Swim Center and its Trustees. I would fairly represent the non-user taxpayers and those who also use the pool. I would work for a fair balance of fees between the two. I would also continue to be a liaison between pool users and swim center management. I would make myself accessible to all taxpayers if the need arises.


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