Carson Valley Days had start as celebration of agriculture

Imagine Carson Valley Days without stereos, fancy lawn chairs or cars. Hard to believe, but that's how the very first Carson Valley Day event began back in the early 1900s.

Carson Valley Days once lasted only a day. June was selected as the most appropriate time to have the event because "it is then that Carson Valley is clothed in her most enchanting remanent," said an issue of The Record-Courier from 1910 .

The first Carson Valley Day hosted 2,000 people.

The very first Carson Valley Day took place June 11, 1910. The event featured activities such as baseball games and a balloon ascension, and a 100 by 100-foot dance floor was built in Minden especially for the event.

Two brass bands performed throughout the activities. Three steers were barbecued along with hundreds of roasted chickens, and other food from local farms was prepared and served free to the participating public.

"Over a thousand dollars have been raised to provide for free amusement for the visitors," the 1910 article said."

A thousand dollars wouldn't get much for this sort of large scale event nowadays.

Carson Valley Day turned into Carson Valley Days in 1954, to allow more time for the many festivities.

The location was changed from Minden Park to Lampe Park in 1993 because Lampe Park could accommodate more people.

The parade, which used to travel from Gardnerville to Minden, now travels from Minden Park to Lampe Park.

The current Carson Valley Days usually expects to draw thousands of people throughout the entire Valley, as well as from neighboring communities and even from out-of-state.


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