Carson Valley Days a success

Successful events do not spring fully formed from the earth, ready to be plucked and eaten.

They require preparation, hard work, cooperation and energy.

Those are the ingredients of the annual Carson Valley Days celebration, and the cooks are the members of the Carson Valley Active 20-30 Club.

The event was the brainchild of Minden founder H.F. Dangberg Jr., who in 1910 was looking for a way to promote the Valley and his new town of Minden.

Back in those days, trains brought visitors to the Valley to witness the rolling cornucopia that was our bounty.

Today, it's not so easy to organize 90-some entries on a trip that runs from Minden Park to Lampe Park

The core of the club consists of about 12 members who consistently contribute not only to Carson Valley Days but a half-dozen other events during the course of the year.

For more than seven decades the 20-30 Club has been organizing and putting on Carson Valley's biggest and oldest party.

They would be the first to credit all the people who help them, but when the rubber hits the road, it's the men of the 20-30 Club who've paved the way.

We're thankful to those dozen or so men who work so hard to make Carson Valley Days a reality and make this a special place to live.


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