Couple accused of bilking stroke victim

A Gardnerville Ranchos couple was jailed on $100,000 bail each Monday, accused of several felonies in connection with the theft of nearly $60,000 from a 62-year-old stroke victim.

Kathy Ann Silveira, 44, was jailed on charges of exploitation of the elderly, embezzlement and theft.

Larry Neil Silveira, 52, was charged with theft.

According to court records, the Silveiras are accused of taking the money in unauthorized checks, withdrawals, and bill payments.

Authorities were contacted by the victim's brother who said he became concerned when large sums of money began disappearing from her bank account and other accounts she had with a financial adviser.

The brother said the victim had hired Kathy Silveira as a personal care giver in 2002.

The victim told authorities she would sign checks after going over the bills with Silveira.

She said she never authorized checks and withdrawals that Silveira allegedly wrote to pay rent, utility bills and other expenses.

Silveira also reportedly opened an unauthorized line of credit and advanced herself nearly $20,000.

Larry Silveira was accused of aiding his wife.


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