Man cleared in elderly exploitation case

A charge of theft was dismissed Thursday against Larry Silveira, accused of helping his wife embezzle $60,000 from a 62-year-old stroke victim.

The District Attorney's office dismissed the charge because Kathy Silveira took full responsibility for the crime.

She is set to enter a plea Tuesday to a charge of exploitation of the elderly.

Larry Silveira, 52, told East Fork Justice Jim EnEarl on Wednesday that he lost his job over his arrest and the subsequent publicity.

He said he had worked for Lowe's home improvement store for three years, but was fired after his picture appeared in a newspaper.

"It was not of my own doing," Silveira said. "But it's made me a stronger person."

Kathy Silveira, 44, was accused of making withdrawals from the victim's banking and other financial accounts over the past three years.

She told EnEarl at a March 22 court appearance she had no hidden assets or bank accounts from the stolen money.

Authorities have only recovered $5,000. Kathy Silveira has agreed to make restitution which may be as high as $75,000.

She had been hired as a caregiver by the victim.

The Silveiras were arrested March 13 and each jailed on $100,000 bail. They were released last week on their own recognizance.


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