Man in jail for probation violation

A Carson City man who violated probation less than a week after sentencing must remain in jail until he finds out if he's got a job in Las Vegas.

Christopher David Earle, 28, was sentenced Jan. 20 to a suspended 180-day sentence for two misdemeanor counts of petty theft.

He admitted "Dumpster diving" to cash in discarded receipts at Borders book store on Jan. 7.

Back in court Wednesday, Earle admitted using marijuana and methamphetamine Jan. 22.

"He didn't get off to too good of a start. Let's hope he gets to a better finish," said lawyer Tod Young.

He recommended Earle be kept in jail until he finds out if a job with Nevada Power and Light Co. comes through.

Prosecutor Kris Brown recommended Earle be sentenced to another 90 days and that he have until March 1 to prove he has the Las Vegas job.

If he submits proof, the 90 days will be suspended.

East Fork Justice pro tem Paul Gilbert sentenced Earle to 10 days for probation violation. If he fails to come up with employment by March 1, he must serve 120 days in jail.

"If you don't have it together by then, the best thing to do is the 120 days to get you in some kind of treatment program," Gilbert said.

n The District Attorney's office dismissed two charges against a Gardnerville man accused of assault and battery.

Frank Hetzel is serving six months in Douglas County Jail for a probation violation.

Proceedings against him on two new allegations were delayed while his lawyer tried to contact the alleged victim who had a long-term relationship with the suspect.

The dismissed charges included assault with a deadly weapon and battery that constitutes domestic battery.

n A 50-year-old Minden woman was sentenced to five days in Douglas County Jail after she pleaded guilty to misdemeanor theft.

Ginga Mier told East Fork Judge pro tem Paul Gilbert on Wednesday she felt so guilty about taking $2,000 from Sharkey's casino where she had worked as a cashier that she returned $1,400 the next day.

"I became addicted to gambling and spent my paycheck," Mier said.

She said she took the money from the Sharkey's sports book Oct. 9 so she could pay her rent.

The next day she returned with $1,405 and turned herself in to her boss.

A felony embezzlement charge was reduced to misdemeanor theft.

Gilbert sentenced her to 180 days in Douglas County Jail and suspended 175 days.

She is forbidden to gamble and may not enter a gaming establishment except to work.

Mier brought $250 to court Wednesday for restitution. Gilbert gave her until April 10 to pay the remainder.

He placed her on one year probation.

n A Stateline woman told deputies she received a counterfeit $3,200 cashier's check as a Canadian lottery prize.

The 29-year-old victim said she was notified in early December by Progressive Lottery Publishing Center winners' processing center in Calgary, Alberta, that she won $55,000.

She said she received a $3,200 cashier's check that she delayed depositing until January because of bad weather.

The woman said she never sent any money to the company, but wrote checks on her account believing the $3,200 was legitimate.

Her bank account was overdrawn after the check came up counterfeit.

n A Gardnerville couple reported nearly $1,300 in unauthorized charges on their credit card.

They received a bill from Federal Express for $808.84 for an account they didn't open. The second charge was an overdraft of $485 for a non-existent cell phone account.

n Three Gardnerville Ranchos homeowners reported break-ins on Jan. 18.

A resident of the 1200 block of Manhattan Way reported $1,700 in video games, electronics systems, a laptop computer and an iPod were taken between 7 a.m. and 6 p.m.

A second neighbor in the same block said someone tried to kick in the kitchen door.

He said no items were missing, but it would cost $500 to repair the door.

A $300 camera was reported missing from a home in the 1200 block of Monarch.

Rooms were ransacked in both homes where the suspect or suspects gained entry.


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