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Special notice to all golfers:

The sixth annual Jackie Giorgi Pasture Golf Tournament will be April 1 in a cow pasture. Go south on Highway 395, five miles past Topaz Lake to Topaz Lane and follow the signs or, from the other direction, it's 3 miles north of Coleville to Topaz Lane and follow the signs. Make your reservation early. The deadline is March 20. Tee time is as close to 8 a.m. as possible or when we manage to get all the cows off the "golf course." Coffee and sweet rolls will be there to get you off to a good start.

Just in case you think you're good about getting out of the rough and back in the fairway. What if there is no fairway? Then you get to hit it out of the rough onto a "perfect green." So you carefully line up your putt, read the break and speed. Now if you can miss three or four cowpies, you can score a moo-moo, sometimes known as a "birdey."

Now's the time to celebrate by hailing down the refreshment cart (it may look like an all terrain vehicle) and have a cool drink. After all, there is more holes to go. Fortunately you will have several extra balls because you are going to need them.

Bring your irons only and your hunting boots. Don't worry about getting lost, we have search and rescue bovine technicians (better known as cowboys). They will bring you back for a great lunch of barbecued pork ribs, beans, potato salad, rolls and dessert.

This is known as an official P.G.A. event (Pasture Golf Abnormal). This event is sponsored by the Antelope Valley Lion's Club. The cost is $25 or if you just want to join in and only have lunch, it's $12.

All proceeds go directly to the Jackie Giorgi Scholarship Fund for Coleville High School graduates. There will also be many raffle prizes drawn. Raffle tickets are a mere $1 each.

Make up your own foursome or we will team you up with some local pros. Winning teams will be decided by blind draw, so stacking your team won't do you any good.

To sign up for the event just make a call to John Daniels at (760) 932-7023; Don Penfield (530) 495-2694; Clint Hershey (530) 495-2935, Lee Sims (530) 495-2488 or any Antelope Valley Lions Club member.


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