Kindermusik teaches music from child's birth

Learning music may enhance the skills necessary for learning math and science. Research has shown early music and movement activities positively impact children's cognitive, emotional, physical, spatial and literacy skills.

"Learning music is good for children," said Shawna Pisciotti. "It stimulates both sides of their brains."

Pisciotti is the new instructor of the Kindermusik program designed for children from birth to 7 years. Created by childhood music educators, the international program teaches singing, playing instruments and exposes children to different kinds of music.

Classes are designed to be developmentally appropriate and each child is encouraged to learn at his or her own pace.

Pisciotti is a licensed Kindermusik educator and is director of the program at through Douglas County Parks & Recreation Department and The Children's Museum in Carson City.

As part of the 15-week program, children construct and play age-appropriate instruments such as dulcimers, recorders, drums, bells, shakers and glockenspiels.

Classes are designed for newborns to 11Ú2 years, 11Ú2 to 3 years-old, 3-5 years and 41Ú2 through 7 years. Parents participate with their child's instruction.

Besides helping children with fundamental learning skills, Pisiciotta said, "It's a social experience with other kids and moms."

The cost includes materials for the course - music, CDs, instruments and books.

"Kids don't always get a lot of music instruction in schools so this is a nice compliment to the school music program," Pisciotti said.

Pisciotti took over the Kindermusik instruction after the previous teacher moved.

"I jumped on it because it fits with being a musician," she said.

She played guitar and sang as part of the folk duo, Heirloom, and was featured on Playa Papaya's CD "Too Many Guitars."

Pisciotti said the course is good for the whole family.

"Kindermusik is good for parents and children," she said. "It gets them to thinking, 'maybe we should play more music at home.'"

Classes start Sept. 6 in Douglas County Parks & Recreation annex in Gardnerville and Sept. 9 at The Children's Museum in Carson City.

For information about the Gardnerville classes, call Parks and Recreation at 782-9828 or contact Shawna Pisciotti at or 265-2191.

What: Kindermusik

Where: Douglas County Parks & Recreation annex, 1327 Waterloo Lane, Gardnerville

When: Classes start September 6

Info: Parks & Recreation, 782-9828, or Shawna Pisciotti, 265-2191


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