Carson drug dealer arrested after sale

A 26-year-old Carson City drug dealer was arrested Monday after leading deputies on a two-county chase.

Jose Vargas-Nuno is in Douglas County Jail on $100,000 cash bail charged with trafficking in a controlled substance, methamphetamine.

He fled Douglas authorities after selling one-half ounce of methamphetamine in a controlled buy at the parking lot of the Ironwood Cinema on Monday.

He headed north on Highway 395 at high speed and was pursued by marked patrol vehicles until the chase was terminated for safety reasons.

When Vargas-Nuno entered Carson City, deputies followed him until he abandoned his vehicle in the hills east of Carson City. He was arrested as he tried to escape on foot.

At the time of his arrest, Vargas-Nuno was out of jail pending sentencing in Carson City District Court on a methamphetamine trafficking case.

Officials said the Carson City District Attorney's Office is in the process of obtaining an arrest warrant for Vargas-Nuno for violating his bail conditions.

n Misdemeanor weapons charges against two brothers will be dismissed in a year if the young men follow the conditions of their deferred sentencing.

Richard Ridley, 23, and Clayton Ridley, 18, pleaded guilty Wednesday to brandishing a weapon after they confronted uninvited visitors to their home with loaded weapons.

According to reports, three men had gone to the Ridleys' house around midnight June 21 because they were looking for missing rent money.

Reports indicate the Ridley brothers had a .12-gauge shotgun, a .45-caliber handgun and a 26-inch collapsible baton.

In their statements to deputies, the Ridleys said they brought the weapons out because they felt intimidated by the three men who showed up uninvited.

The three were unarmed.

"The young men pulled up in a car and demanded to see one of the brothers and refused to leave," said lawyer Tod Young.

Deputies were called to the residence by neighbors who heard a commotion.

The sheriff's office will retain possession of the weapons for one year.


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