Charges amended against brothers

Charges against two brothers who confronted late-night visitors to their home with loaded weapons have been reduced to misdemeanors.

Richard Ridley, 23, and Clayton Ridley, 18, originally were arrested June 21 on charges of felony assault with a deadly weapon after a confrontation over missing rent money.

They were charged June 27 with brandishing a weapon, a misdemeanor.

According to reports, three men had gone to the Ridleys' house because they were looking for missing rent money and decided to question everyone who had been at their Bluerock residence that day.

Reports indicate the Ridley brothers had a .12-gauge shotgun, a .45-caliber handgun and a 26-inch collapsible baton.

In their statements to deputies, the Ridleys said they brought the weapons out because they felt intimidated by the three men who showed up uninvited.

The three men were unarmed.

Deputies were called to the residence by neighbors who heard a commotion shortly after midnight.

One brother said he felt the situation was about to be settled peacefully when deputies arrived.


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