Ranchos man pelted with paint balls

A Glenwood Drive resident, who opened his garage door at 2:30 a.m. July 12 to investigate why his dogs were barking, told deputies he was pelted with paint balls by two suspects who fled in a truck.

The man said he was working on his computer when his dogs started barking. He opened the garage door and told deputies a volley of paint balls fired from a vacant lot across his driveway hit him, his vehicle and house.

The man said he picked up a pipe to defend himself and saw a truck drive by slowly. The victim said he recognized the driver and threw the pipe at the truck, striking the vehicle body.

He told deputies two people ran out of the sagebrush and jumped in the truck which sped away.

The victim was hit with three paint balls which caused bruising. He refused medical treatment.

He identified the suspect as a man with whom he'd had disagreements over money.

n For the second night in less than a week, deputies are investigating reports of egged vehicles in Chichester Estates in Gardnerville and Winhaven in Minden.

Residents of Lantana, Bougainvillea, Petar, Guinness, and Brooke reported numerous vehicles with eggs thrown against them.

One man reported egg splatter inside his truck because of an open window.

Deputies said the vandalized vehicles were parked in the street outside their owners' residences.

Deputies investigated similar complaints on July 7 in Chichester Estates.

n The Douglas County Sheriff's Office reported 19 contacts for domestic violence July 5-11.

There were 10 verbal domestics with one civil standby, five domestic battery arrests, one arrest on an outside warrant and two referrals to the District Attorney's office for protection order violations.

One juvenile was a suspect in a domestic verbal, and five juveniles witnessed domestic violence for a total of six contacts.

The Family Support Council submitted two requests to East Fork Justice Court for anti-stalking and harassment orders with two denials.

There were no requests for temporary restraining orders during the time period.

Connie Richardson, sheriff's office domestic violence prevention coordinator, said the average number of domestic violence contacts is 14-16 per week for this time period.

She said the average range for children witnessing domestic violence is 9-11 per week with juvenile suspects at 0-2 per week.


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