Deputies investigating rash of Ranchos vehicle burglaries

Douglas County deputies are investigating a series of Gardnerville Ranchos vehicle burglaries that occurred during the evening of Aug. 1.

The burglaries occurred at addresses on Kimmerling, Bluerock, and Leonard in the Ranchos.

Deputies reported there were several more instances, but residents were unwilling or not ready to file reports.

In each case, the vehicle involved was unlocked. Stereos were removed, along with other electronic items, such as stereos, iPods, MP3 player and satellite radios.

Sheriff's spokesman Sgt. Jim Halsey said residents should remember to lock their vehicle doors.

"People need to keep items out of plain view and not leave items in the bed of a pickup truck," Halsey said. "If you hear something unusual or see a motion-detector light on at a neighbor's house, don't assume it's OK. Give us a call and we'll come check it out.

A Saratoga Springs resident reported that he received three money orders in response to an advertisement he placed on Craig's List.

The man told deputies on Aug. 1 that he received an e-mail from a woman, who sent him $2,550 for some Christmas ornaments he was asking $1,100 for. He was directed to wire the excess funds to a shipping outlet. The man turned the checks over to the deputy, who determined they were forgeries.

The Douglas County Sheriff's Office reported 30 contacts for domestic violence July 16-29.

There were 18 verbal domestics, one of which resulted in an arrest due to other charges.

Two adult arrests for domestic battery, and one arrest for violation of a protective order.

Four cases were referred to the district attorney for review or prosecution. One case was referred to East Fork Justice Court for review.

There were two cases of unsubstantiated battery, one of which resulted in an arrest for other charges. There were two reports of threats taken.

Nine juveniles witnessed domestic violence and five juveniles were suspects in verbal domestics for a total of 14 juvenile contacts.

The Family Support Council issued nine requests to East Fork Justice Court for temporary restraining orders with five approvals.

There were two requests for anti-stalking and harassment orders with five approvals and one denial.

Connie Richardson, sheriff's office domestic violence prevention coordinator, said the average range for domestic violence contacts is 12-18 per week for the time frame.

The average range for children witnessing domestic violence is 5-10 per week with juvenile suspects at 0-2 per week.


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