Cows trample homeowners' lawn

A Windmill Road resident contacted the Douglas County Sheriff's Office after 15 open-range cattle grazed his property uninvited on Aug. 15, trampling plants, knocking down a concrete fountain and leaving other "evidence."

A sheriff's deputy reported there were numerous hoof-prints in the lawn and about a dozen "cow pies." Several plants had been torn and chewed.

The property owner said a neighbor told him at least 15 cattle were on his property. He said it's an ongoing problem and he regularly has to chase off the livestock.

The deputy told the complainant that since the area is open range, the issue is a civil matter and the owner of the cattle is not criminally liable.

He suggested the unhappy homeowner might want to build a fence to keep the cattle out.

n The manager of the AM-PM Mini Mart north found 3.2 grams of what was believed to be cocaine in front of a cash register on Aug. 15.

According to reports, the manager turned the suspected substance over to an off-duty Susanville police officer who stopped at the station for a gasoline purchase.

The manager said he noticed the officer's police badge in his wallet when he paid for the gasoline and asked him to take the substance to the Douglas County Sheriff's Office where it was destroyed.

n A resident of the 2400 block of Fremont Street awoke early Aug. 12 to the sound of rocks being thrown through three windows.

The victim said he was awakened shortly before 3 a.m. by a thud against an outside wall, followed by the sound of the rocks and breaking glass.

Apparently, the suspect also cut cable and telephone wires because the homeowner said he was unable to call deputies to report the incident and had to contact them by cell phone.

He estimated costs to replace the three windows at $800.

n Deputies are investigating an attempted petty theft by a 16-year-old boy who tried to walk out of Scolari's with a bottle of vodka stuffed in his pants.

A store employee reported she had just straightened out the liquor section Aug. 11 when she noticed a bottle missing.

She saw the suspect leave the display area and walk toward the exit. She stopped him and discovered the $13.99 bottle of flavored vodka before he left the store.

n A deputy patrolling Chichester Estates late Aug. 11 discovered that 15 vehicles had been splattered by eggs.

The sheriff's office was called by a homeowner who reported her vehicle had been vandalized.

The deputy found similar vandalism on vehicles on Chichester, Petar, Granborough, Westminster, West Wales Court and Marion Russell.

n The Douglas County Sheriff's Office reported 17 contacts for domestic violence Aug. 9-15.

There were nine contacts for verbal domestics, one juvenile arrest for domestic battery, five referrals to the District Attorney for warrants and reviews, and one referral to East Fork Justice Court for a violation of a temporary protection order.

Two juveniles witnessed domestic violence.

The average range for domestic violence contacts is 14-16 per week for this time of year. The average number of children witnessing domestic violence is 9-11 per week with juvenile suspects at 0-2 per week.


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