Caples Lake covered with 3-feet thick sheet of ice

Hello fellow anglers.

This not your usual report. I have received some information on the conditions for ice fishing.

I spoke with Richard from the Caples Lake Resort last Tuesday afternoon. Richard told me he walked out from the resort in the direction of the marina to where the large rocks are (aprox. 100 feet).

He said there was about 1 to 1-1/2 feet of hard pack snow. He then drilled a hole to check the thickness. When he broke through the ice the handle of the auger was almost touching the ice. Richard says there was about 3 feet of ice which is plenty thick enough to ice fish.

But always use caution on any frozen body of water, other areas may not be as thick. Be sure you either go with someone or tell someone where you are going and when you will return. As for Red Lake, I do not know the thickness as of yet. Some friends of mine are planning a trip this weekend to find out, depending on the weather.

Some basic items are required to ice fish. Any rod and reel will do, sunglasses, sunscreen, good boots,warm clothing, gloves, water to keep you hydrated, a ladle to scoop the slush from your hole, an auger is a must, a bucket or sled to carry your gear (the bucket can also be used as a seat), a hat to keep your body from losing heat, a snow shovel to clear the snow from around your hole. and maybe some hot chocolate. See? Very simple. Maybe we'll see you at Red Lake either Saturday or Sunday.

If you need any more information on ice fishing, you can call the NAW-line at 267-9722 or you can call the Caples Lake Resort at (209) 258-8888. If the weather cooperates, we'll see you there.

Good fishin' and tight lines.

n Doug Busey is The Record-Courier's fishing columnist.

He can be reached at 267-9722.


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