Having wintertime fun

Do you like ice and snow?

Do you like cold temperatures?

Do you like to play outdoors at this time of the year?

Would you like to do something different in the Great Outdoors?

Well, if all of your answers are "yes," how about ice fishing?

Yep, ice fishing!

And most specifically, how about going ice fishing at Red Lake, Calif. For those who have never been there, Red Lake is at the foot of Kit Carson Pass on S.R. 88 in California.

To reach the lake, drive south from the Carson City area for about 40 miles on a combination of U.S. 395, Nevada S.R. 88 and California S.R. 88.

If you do have an interest in ice fishing there, here is some basic information that can be useful:

- The ice at Red Lake is currently about 12 inches thick.

- Fish near the parking area.

- Fish close to shore in shallow water areas (4-8 feet of water).

- To fish, dig a small hole (eight inches or less in diameter, as per California fishing rules and regulations) with an ice auger. Note: An ice auger is an absolute must! Don't leave home without one.

- For the best results, slowly jig up and down with small shiny lures, worms or Power Bait, just off the lake's bottom.

- You can catch an interesting mix of Eastern brook, Lahontan cutthroat or rainbow trout.

- The lake limit is five trout.

- You must wear your California fishing license where it is readily visible above the waist. If you don't, the game warden could ruin your day while he is busy writing your citation.

- An annual California fishing license is $75.85. A two-day fishing permit is $10.25. A Second Rod Stamp is $9.20.

- Be sure to have things such as waterproof insulated boots, layered clothing for variable weather conditions, wool cap, warm gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, plenty of tasty food and lots of hot drinks in Thermos-type jugs.

- Take a piece of thick rug to stand on the ice. If you don't, your feet will get very cold, very fast.

- And don't forget to take a summer folding chair or sturdy plastic bucket for sitting. It makes the fishing a lot more comfortable.

- For real comfort, take a radio and listen to your favorite tunes while waiting for the fish to bite.

Special Note: The Red Lake parking area is also a very popular destination for cross country skiers, So if you don't arrive early, you could be out of luck in finding a parking spot.

Special Note: Last weekend, the fishing was rated as good. Most of the fish caught were brook trout. They were caught jigging with small, silver or gold-colored Kastmaster or Phebe lures or with rainbow-colored Thunderbolt lures. Some anglers were also scoring with worms or Power Bait.

For information, call Dave Kirby at the Woodfords Station in Woodfords, Calif. at (530) 694-2930 or Doug Busey in Douglas County at the Mac-The-Naw Hotline of 267-9722.


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