Fishing: Topaz Derby set to start

Hello, fellow anglers.

Not much to report at this point. But I would like to bring you up to speed on some of our local areas. We can start with Topaz Lake:

As of last Tuesday, the lodge had planted an undisclosed amount of rainbow trout for the Topaz opener on Jan. 1. These fish are worth $50 to $1,000 if you are the lucky angler to get one of these trophies you must take it to the Topaz General Store to collect your prize.

As usual, Chuck Fields from the Topaz Marina will have his local derby where winner takes all. You can contact Chuck at (775) 266-3550.

Now for your ice fishing report:

Red Lake has 2 to 4 inches of ice on it as of las week. Unfortunately, some have been there ice fishing and ice skating.

Please, this is too early in the year to go out on the lake.

The lake still is very unstable and very dangerous. Reason behind this is that the ice forms close to the shore first, then moves its way to the middle. The further out you go, the thinner the ice will be. Tell me, is the five-fish limit worth more than your life?

I had planned an ice fishing get-together on Dec. 30. At this time the lake should be stable and safe. This is where everyone is invited to come out and watch or to participate in the fun of ice fishing.

I do have an extra auger for anglers who need one.

This is not a derby. Everyone from the first-time ice angler to the experienced ice angler is invited. Basic ice fishing equipment would be an ice auger, a ladle to scoop the ice out of the hole, chair or 5-gallon bucket to sit on or to carry your gear, snow shovel to clear area to fish, good polarized sun glasses, sunscreen, a hat to contain your warmth and, of course, warm clothes and good snowboots.

If you have any questions on this day, call the Naw line at 267-9722.

Good fishin' and tight lines, and hope to see you at Red Lake on Dec. 30.


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