Genoa Bar 'plugs in' for another year

Floods, winds, rain and snow didn't stop the New Year's Eve revelers from packing into the Genoa Bar for the unplugged celebration, according to bar owner Willy Webb.

With road closures in almost every direction due to inclement weather, the 152-year-old bar continued to offer warmth and hospitality as a welcome to a new year, as it has in the last two centuries.

"We would like to thank all of the people who went w-a-a-y out of their way to celebrate New Year's 'unplugged' at the old bar with us," said Webb. "Due to the flood, the only way to get there was from Jacks Valley Road. By the time we had our champagne toast at midnight, the only way out was to go Foothill Road to Fredericksburg, due to the Cradlebaugh Bridge being closed. Still, people somehow found a way to make it to the old bar, no matter what.

"It was unbelievable," he said. "By 11:30 p.m. we were busy, by midnight we were packed - road closures and everything."

Genoa Bar owners have come and gone, but changes to the bar have been minimal through the years. In 1963, it was purchased by Bob and Betty Carver and remained in their ownership until they retired in 2000, selling the famous bar to Willy and Cindy Webb, Shawn Hall and Roxanne Schade.

Webb said the owners would like to thank all of the designated drivers who were at the New Year's Eve celebration.

"(They're) heroes in our book. There were many at our celebration taking advantage of our ongoing policy of giving free non-alcoholic beverages to all designated drivers," Webb said, adding that they wish everyone a Happy New Year.

For more information or to exchange stories about the historical bar, call 782-3870.


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