New volunteer organization starts work in Douglas County

Active Volunteers in Douglas County is an organization that has been in the works for almost a year, formed at the request of county commissioner Kelly Kite.

A member of the planning committee, Vangie McCracken, came up with the name for the new organization which will represent non-profit groups in all of Douglas County that use volunteers. Those who have been working on this project include members from the Food Closet, the senior center, county manager's office, Douglas County Sheriff's Office and the Douglas County Public Library.

Active Volunteers in Douglas promotes, maintains and supports volunteerism in all county communities and provides avenues for recognition and encouragement of volunteers. The benefits to participation in this organization are increased awareness of the number and variety of volunteers available to all non-profit organizations, sharing and finding avenues for volunteers who are new to the community or wish a different venue for volunteerism in the local media, assisting with management issues related to volunteer management, and keeping a data base on volunteer hours and issues in the county in order to garner financial support from local and granting sources.

Active Volunteers in Douglas does not supplant the individual recognition programs in place with many non-profits in Douglas County but will support and contribute to them.

The two goals for the coming year for Active Volunteers in Douglas are to develop a data base of member organizations, agencies and associations and to provide a consistent and diverse source of information and assistance for managers and coordinators of volunteer corps.

All non-profit organizations in the county that use volunteers year-around are invited to complete an information form. The form can be obtained by contacting Tom Mezzetta at 782-9931 or Mary Ellen Conaway at 265-7651. To obtain a copy of the by-laws of A.V.I.D. contact the same individuals.


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