Drago’ Salon rebrands as Nectar Beauty Collective

New owner Michele Peters and former owner Drago Dimitri of Drago & Company stand under the new canopy displaying the rebranded salon.

New owner Michele Peters and former owner Drago Dimitri of Drago & Company stand under the new canopy displaying the rebranded salon.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.

With a reputation as possibly one of the longest standing salons in Minden, Drago’ Salon is rebranding with its founder retiring and its homegrown professional hairstylist Michele Peters taking over to create Nectar Beauty Collective.

After moving to the Carson Valley in 1982 from Toronto, Drago Dimitri founded Drago’ Salon in the basement of the Carson Valley Inn and two years later moved into its location in Minden where it stands today.

Driven by a vision to infuse quality, class and sophistication into the community and fueled by his deep love for his family, he established his own community of excellence through education and passion for his craft.

“One thing I learned about beauty is it’s in the eye of the beholder and never in competition with other stylists, but a competition for myself to be the best and do my best,” said Drago. “It was important I gave clients everything I could every time they came in.”

Drago began his career with a full ride scholarship in the arts, dabbling in different arts including fashion design.

It wasn’t until a “friend of a friend” said he would be good at being a hairstylist, that he decided to try his hand with the scissors. He received training from professionals such as Yusuke Suga, the stylist behind the 1976 Olympic medalist Dorothy Hamill’s iconic wedge cut, and others, but said his true technique perfected through the relationships with his clients.

“I was willing to learn and perfect my own technique and craft, but most importantly I learned from the people sitting in my chair, I built relationships with people,” said Drago. “that’s my legacy; the relationships I built and taking pride in my craft.”

Over the years, Drago’ Salon attracted many talented professionals including Peters.

Peters was born and raised in Carson Valley and started working for Drago as a receptionist in 2005 while she was still in high school. 

Drago and Peters said they continually shared the same values of excellence and desire to create top-notch experiences and services for all guests to enjoy.

In 2021, after years of working side by side with Drago, Peters was honored by the opportunity to purchase Drago’ Salon and carry on the legacy of quality Drago built throughout his 40 years behind the chair.

With help from Drago’ Salon hairstylist Lauren Brown, Peters said Nectar Beauty Collective was created from all the principles Drago instilled in the business and stylist over the years.

That being professionalism, quality, and community.

“Nectar Beauty is a metaphor about working bees coming together to make something beautiful and perfect,” said Peters. “Collective is the group of professionals, this team, who have come together for a common goal.”

Drago said he is proud of the legacy he has built and to see his homegrown stylists continue it.

“It’s beautiful to have a group of women who care and support each other,” said Drago. “I’m very proud of them all, they will always be in my heart.”

A rebranding celebration and to bid farewell to Drago is set for 3-5 p.m. May 18.

Peters said the celebration is open to the public and is a way to say thank you to the community as they launch Nectar Beauty Collective.

“We are overwhelmed by the support in this transition and want to thank our loyal guests,” she said. “We are committed to taking this already valuable and loved establishment and making it even sweeter.”

The salon is located at 1667 highway 395 in Minden.


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