March 13, 2024, R-C Letters to the Editor

Signs of infrastructure everywhere


As I drive along Highway 395 and see the signs for roadwork, I am heartened to realize that President Biden’s massive Infrastructure bill (passed by Democrats and only three Republican Representative) is bringing $2.2 billion of improvements and job-creating projects to Nevada. These include $150 million for airports; $1.9 billion for roads and bridges and millions for public transportation, clean drinking water and electric school buses. In addition, the Infrastructure Act will improve high speed internet capability throughout the country.  Anyone who has tried to get cell service driving through Minden-Gardnerville should be elated. Rep. Amodei voted against this bill.

Biden’s Chips and Science Act names Reno as one of its 31 technical hubs making the city eligible for federal investment crucial to Northern Nevada’s transformation into the nucleus of the lithium battery supply chain. While 24 Republicans voted with the Democrats to pass this bill, Amodei was not one of them.

As we approach the elections, let’s try to remember who has and has not been crucial to investment in our local infrastructure improvement.

Patricia M. Cuocco


When will political agenda end?


When is the political agenda of some of the board members of the Douglas County School Board ever going to stop? Example the gal who sits in the front row of the board meetings wearing a Trump hat. Virginia Starrett always calling citizens Marxists. Casey Rogers’ calling citizens communists. Other attendees calling citizens fascists. David Seat standing up and saying that “Biden is not the President.” And standing up in the front row and saying that the new superintendent will be a real patriot. And most recently at the February board meeting citizens are evil, fringe, mob and bring up the Salem witch hunt. If any of you reading this wants to hear Casey Roger’s last rant please listen to the end of the February School Board meeting. I was called out at the Dec. 12, 2023, meeting for quoting the then President Jansen. She said “officers, if she continues, take her out!” I felt threatened, traumatized, and fearful for my life. If you watch the video I didn’t know what I had done to deserve that. None of us who are continually called these names have ever called any of the citizens anything like that. If this behavior isn’t disruptive and slanderous I don’t know what is.  Not once has any of these citizens had the gavel struck or their free speech stopped like I have. We know that the board was elected by the citizens of Douglas County, that has never been disputed.  

What is in question is the transparency of some board members and their political agenda.  Please anyone reading this go to YouTube and watch what has been happening at these meetings and see for yourself.  The only one making out in this travesty is Joey Gilbert’s law firm.  Apparently the students of Douglas County are the last being considered by Gilbert and some of the board.  We are called the “Red Mob” and we are thinking of the students and I pray we grow in numbers to stop what is happening in Douglas County.  The board can’t silence all of us because we will be at every board meeting because we have to stand up for every student.

Leslie Hokenson


Disregarding veterans


As a concerned citizen of Douglas County and a retired former naval officer I would like to discuss the treatment and lack of respect shown by the former president to our veterans and members of the military. I served my country in the U.S. Navy as a lieutenant JG.  I’m proud of my military service, proud of all those who have served in the Armed Forces, and both proud and grateful to those who sacrificed their lives or their health in service to this country.

Prior to 2016, the Republican Party was seen as the “pro-vet” party and the “pro military” party. Trump changed that. Starting with his disgraceful treatment of America’s great war hero, John McCain, the insults, and disrespect continued throughout his term of office and current campaign. Retired US Marine Corps general John Kelly, who served for 17 months as chief of staff for Donald Trump, said that the former president called veterans “suckers” because “there’s nothing in it from them,” confirming years of anonymous stories of Trump’s derisive comments about the military.

During his first term in office, Donald Trump refused to be seen with military amputees because “it doesn’t look good for me.” General Kelly also confirmed that Trump refused to visit the grave of WWII soldiers enshrined at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery in France in 2018. Donald Trump is weakening our Armed Forces by denigrating active duty, retired military, and their families.

Contrast this with Biden’s respect for the military and veterans. His son, Beau, served in the Delaware Army National Guard and was sent to Iraq in 2008. Biden regularly welcomes home fallen U.S. military from foreign lands. This duty Donald Trump refused; he relegated it to his V.P. Biden regularly meets with the family of fallen soldiers. More substantially, Biden supported and signed into law the Toxic Burn Pit legislation known as the Pact Act which expanded V.A. care, notably to veterans exposed to toxins and burn pits. 

 I’m disappointed that the Republican Party, under the influence of Donald Trump, has shown contempt for our veterans and military.

For this reason, Donald Trump will not be getting this veteran’s vote in the upcoming Presidential election. 

 James Scott



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