July 10, 2024, R-C Letters to the Editor

New double yellow lines on Orchard Road prohibit passing.

New double yellow lines on Orchard Road prohibit passing.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

No-passing zone on Orchard a good call


I would like to thank the Douglas County Road Department for painting the new solid stripping on Orchard Road (no passing) last week.  It is great to see that the department recognizes the hazards developing along Orchard Road with the increased traffic traveling at higher speeds.  It is a narrow road with irrigation ditches on both sides.  There is not much room for error with the ingress and egress of driveways, bicycles, and large truck traffic.  Thank you, Road Department and all the sensible drivers.  Safe travels.

Sandy Jonkey


Amodei voted against rescue plan


I was surprised and confused when I read in the July 2024 Gardnerville Town record, that Gardnerville had received a $1.26 million Community Project Funding Federal Grant to aid in the

reconstruction of Industrial Way, which is home to many businesses on the south end of town, therefore, the grant money will primarily benefit businesses.

This money comes to Douglas County through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which no Republican in Washington voted for. Hence the confusion, when I read in the town minutes thanking “Senators Rosen and Cortez-Masto as well as Congressman Amodei, were instrumental in aiding the town in acquiring these funds.”

No, that’s just not true. Amodei proudly voted against the rescue plan. 

A Feb. 28, 2021, Carson Now headline reads, “Nevada Congressman Amodei votes against $1.9 trillion.”

He had nothing to do with the grant our town is receiving. He doesn’t deserve any credit for this.

Did the American Rescue Plan work? Yes, after the plan passed, the U.S. recovered significantly faster than our G-7 peers. U.S. economic growth was 5.95 percent in 2021, an 8. 71 percent increase from

2020. While our inflation is in the middle of the pack and slower than other countries that did significantly less to help their economies recover.

Thank you senators Jackie Rosen and Catherine Cortez-Masto for voting for the rescue plan Gardnerville, Nevada thanks you.

Alice Meyer


Official does not mean all


There seems to be something missing from the outcry surrounding the recent Supreme Court opinion stating that the President is immune from prosecution for official acts committed while in office.  The ruling does not apparently say that everything the President does is official.

An official act is one that is authorized by the authority vested in an office or position and not tainted by the violation of a law.  If the act is not authorized by the office then it is not official.  

The President is not authorized to order a political opponent assassinated.  He is not authorized to order or participate in the attempted overthrow or stop the functioning of the government.  The office of the President does not authorize the violation of any law.  Therefore, any presidential act in violation of a law is not an official act and should be subject to prosecution.  

Unless the Supreme Court’s decision extends to all acts, not just official acts. It seems that the office of the President is not granted status as an all powerful monarch.

Many are taking “official” to mean “all”.

Ben Justus


End of democracy 


On July 1, the United States Supreme Court brought an end to a fundamental principle upon which our country was founded. That principle mandates no person is above the law. The president now has immunity for crimes which the court determines are “official acts.” In making this decision the court failed to observe all legal precedent since the signing of the United States Constitution. The ramifications of this decision are potentially catastrophic, particularly in light of what former President Trump has promised to do if he is elected in November 2024.

I graduated from UCLA undergraduate school as a political science major and from Pepperdine School of Law. I have been an attorney for the past 38 years. During those years I practiced law in California and Nevada in both state and federal courts. During my legal career, I had a law practice in the Carson Valley for 28 years.

Throughout my education and career I never contemplated the people of this country could be stripped of a fundamental right guaranteed to us in our constitution: equality under the law. From this time forward, the president of the United States can potentially commit any criminal act, provided the court, which already appears to be following Trump’s lead, finds it to be an “official act.” This is precisely what the United States Constitution sought to free us from; an autocratic leader and a king who is above the law.

Former President Trump has pronounced to this country that he will act as a dictator on his first day in office. He can call for the execution of people who anger him. He can lock up is political enemies from poll workers to elected officials such as President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. He can exact vengeance on those whom he believes have wronged him. He has stated that Liz Chaney should be charged with treason in a military tribunal without any factual or legal basis. Trump’s threats are terrifying, particularly now that he knows he can act with immunity. There is no reason to believe Trump will not act on each and every outrageous threat he has made since he left office.

Some people may not feel President Biden is the best candidate to lead our country. However, we all saw how brutally Trump treated his own supporters when they disagreed with his conduct during his last administration. If we permit former President Trump to serve another term as president, no one will be safe from his unfettered, irrational and menacing rule. We must save our democracy and the future of this great country. 

Kathleen B. Kelly



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