March 6, 2024, R-C Letters to the Editor

The statue of Lillian Virgin Finnegan is coated with snow on Saturday morning in Genoa during a weekend snowstorm.

The statue of Lillian Virgin Finnegan is coated with snow on Saturday morning in Genoa during a weekend snowstorm.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Someone will have to pay


 I have been reading with increased interest over the time and energy Mr. Tarkanian has put into trying to ban the Glenbrook Rental Program and smear a longtime small business owner. What could be the impetus behind this except the fact that the largest landowner in Glenbrook is a friend of the family?  I lived at the Lake for 40 years and have known Kevin Kjer for 30 years. He has always been an active volunteer in the community and schools.  We were neighbors in the Kingsbury area, which according to Mr. Tarkanian, is a “transient” residential area since it is near the casino and ski corridors.  I didn’t realize that!  Most of the residents of that area and other housing areas in the Douglas County portion of the Lake, are comprised of people that work in the South Shore or own small businesses. So it is OK to have VHR’s in those areas?  Apparently now there are 2 Tahoe Townships – Glenbrook and everyone else. I have worked in Glenbrook for almost 20 years and homeowners are generally very welcoming to visitors in their community.  Despite Mr. Tarkanian’s claims, they also use their cars to drive the short 10 miles to the casino corridor or ski resorts.  There has been a rental program in place there since the 1980s because homeowners wanted to be able to rent out their homes for short periods of time. Contrary to Mr. Tarkanian’s claims, Kevin Kjer has never had any complaints about his business. I have clients that have used the rental program to either rent out their homes, or rent other homes for family reunions, etc. Kevin is not wealthy and powerful, but Mr. Tarkanian’s “concerned constituents” certainly are. 

Mr. Tarkanian says he has a “common sense” solution to VHRs at the Lake. Isn’t that what all politicians say when they actually don’t have any common sense at all. If he had lived at the Lake, he would know that there have always been VHRs in the Douglas County portion of the Lake, just like in most popular locations in the U.S.  Kevin and I had them in our neighborhood. The ones that are managed properly are rarely a problem. When absentee homeowners manage them, then parties happen. The county commissioners appointed a VHR Task Force a couple of years ago to find solutions to this problem. The county implemented those solutions and complaints about rental properties have decreased. The Planning Commission also voted against a VHR ban. Why do the commissioners, including Mr. Gardner and Mr. Nowosad, fail to follow the advice of their appointed advisors?  I also don’t pretend to understand all the financial wrangling involved with the Tahoe Events Center by our county commissioners, but I do know that the monies generated by the TOT are being used to fund that development and without those monies, someone will need to pay and it will probably be the Douglas County taxpayers in one form or another. Mr. Tarkanian needs to do his research before supporting special interests over longtime residents and small business owners.

Cathy Fields


Tarkanian wrong about VHRs


Now you see what I have been dealing with regarding Commissioner Danny Tarkanian’s focus on destroying my property management business to help a powerful friend. Instead of trying to defend his unethical behavior, Tarkanian has decided to throw mud. 

His tirade starts by characterizing Glenbrook renters as people who don’t care about the community, who abuse neighbors and trespass. There is no proof of this. No police reports or Glenbrook security reports, he has nothing to back up this claim. I have been renting homes to Glenbrook families and friends for over 30 years, dozens have become Glenbrook owners, for many its a yearly tradition as they have a strong connection to Glenbrook. 

He then states I am part of some wealthy group. Not true. I have held down three jobs during most of my adult life to be able to live at the Lake. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given, but anyone who has seen me hauling garbage on a summer weekend in my 2008 pickup knows the truth.

He continues by saying I have joined with, “other property managers, realtors, casino owners, and VHR homeowners who will say and do anything to keep their pot of gold.” I don’t know any casino owners, but if he means folks joining together to fight for property rights while still supporting a strict, enforceable vacation rental ordinance, I’m proud to be a member.

He says I have continually lied to the public and that there have been many complaints about my renters. Not true. County records will confirm that there has never been a complaint filed regarding any house I manage. None. This clean record didn’t happen by accident, my office is in Glenbrook and I work hard to make sure the houses are well managed. Isn’t that what we should be encouraging, local managers who take care of issues before they become problems? Check my record, you will see the truth. 

Tarkanian states that nine residents of Glenbrook sent in emails to the Board of County Commissioners before the last meeting outlining violations. The posted public comments for January and February show a total of nine comments against VHR’s in the Tahoe Township, none of them about property inside the gate of Glenbrook or about me. 

He states that I manage a home that sits on a cliff and does not have a dock or beach access. That is also false, the house in question does have a private pier and buoy. 

Tarkanian also talks about renters trespassing on private beaches, but he is wrong here too. The Glenbrook Homeowners Association rules clearly state that renters are allowed to use GHOA common areas including beaches. The renters know because the beach rules are provided in each rental home as requested by GHOA. 

Commissioner Tarkanian should research the facts before he makes false statements about a long time Douglas County resident, business owner, and taxpayer and save the mud slinging for his next political campaign. 

Kevin Kjer


Hope for the future


Congratulations, Savannah Goodspeed, for publishing your reaction to the school board meeting you attended on Feb. 13. Your insight to the actions at that meeting are heartfelt and extremely well written. As a retired, long time middle school Nevada teacher, I am so proud of you for voicing your thoughts. Please continue your efforts to voice the opinions of your peers in our future government.  

Linda Sommers


Signs of infrastructure everywhere


As I drive along Highway 395 and see the signs for roadwork, I am heartened to realize that President Biden’s massive Infrastructure bill (passed by Democrats and only three Republican Representative) is bringing $2.2 billion of improvements and job-creating projects to Nevada. These include $150 million for airports; $1.9 billion for roads and bridges and millions for public transportation, clean drinking water and electric school buses. In addition, the Infrastructure Act will improve high speed internet capability throughout the country.  Anyone who has tried to get cell service driving through Minden-Gardnerville should be elated. Rep. Amodei voted against this bill.

Biden’s Chips and Science Act names Reno as one of its 31 technical hubs making the city eligible for federal investment crucial to Northern Nevada’s transformation into the nucleus of the lithium battery supply chain. While 24 Republicans voted with the Democrats to pass this bill, Amodei was not one of them.

As we approach the elections, let’s try to remember who has and has not been crucial to investment in our local infrastructure improvement.

Patricia M. Cuocco



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