Continuance sought for proposed Gardnerville apartment project

The Welcome to Gardnerville sign got a little extra shading from the snow on Saturday.

The Welcome to Gardnerville sign got a little extra shading from the snow on Saturday.

Developers of a 160-unit apartment complex between Highway 395 and the East Fork of the Carson River are seeking a continuance from the Gardnerville Town Board on Tuesday.

The developers of Golf View Apartments are seeking to alter the zoning on the parcel from office commercial to mixed use commercial.

The property stretches from north of Riverview Drive to Balloon Nevada.

The project is master planned to be annexed by the town.

In his report, Town Manager Erik Nilssen pointed out that the only difference between the two zones is that mixed-use commercial allows dwelling units.

He said the main impact to the town would be collecting solid waste from the location.

A medical or dental office building and the apartments will generate an additional 3,059 average daily vehicle trips.

“There have been valid concerns expressed over the capacity of Riverview Drive,” Nilssen said, citing the proposed the 85-unit project at Dresslerville and Main River Road and Ranchos Sierra in the other corner of the Ranchos.

He pointed out that Douglas County’s 2017 Transportation Master Plan calls for Riverview to be widened to four lanes from Dresslerville Road to Highway 395.

Seven years ago, that project was estimated to cost $10 million.

Because the property is right on the river and close to the Virginia Canal, Nilssen said the floodplain could be a concern.

County code doesn’t allow for subdivision of residential parcels in the floodplain.

“As this project is one large commercial development, there is no creation of residential parcels so the intensification of residential land use would be allowed under code,” he said.


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