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The West Fork of the Carson River as seen from the Diamond Valley Road bridge on June 28.

The West Fork of the Carson River as seen from the Diamond Valley Road bridge on June 28.

As the last patches of snow disappear from the north facing crags of the Sierra Nevada’s Carson Range under a blistering sun all we can say is that Carson Valley has seen hotter days, but maybe not quite so many in a row.

“When all is said and done, this will probably go down as one of the longer heatwaves on record in Western Nevada and the Eastern Sierra,” National Weather Service Meteorologist Chris Smallcomb said in Saturday’s forecast discussion.

While Reno is on track to break the record for straight days above 105 degrees, we’re going to remain just a little cooler. June saw the second highest average temperature in 98 years in Minden, where records have been kept in 1906. There’s still a little wiggle room in July.

People and vehicles are overheating as air conditioning is tested along with our patience.

While some relief might arrive over the weekend, a forecast high temperature of 96 degrees for Saturday doesn’t seem like that much of a break. A chance of thunderstorms on Friday could actually make matters worse should they set wildfires.

The high temperatures are miserable for everything, except the plants that are getting water. Out in the wildlands the forest is baking, which is bad news should some spark introduce itself from whatever source.

So enough complaining about the weather, what do we do about it?

Drink lots of water, wear light clothing and keep outdoor activity to the early morning or late evening are the standard answers.

A community is more than a bunch of houses located in one place. It’s a support network where people help those nearest to them. Please check on vulnerable neighbors to make sure they’re OK, and please be careful while you’re at it.


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