Neighbor’s warm heart helps on cold morning

Paul Andrew plows sidewalks in his Minden neighborhood. Photo special to The R-C by Robin Sarantos

Paul Andrew plows sidewalks in his Minden neighborhood. Photo special to The R-C by Robin Sarantos

He’s amazing. He’s kind. He is thoughtful - this special individual who makes our La Costa Minden neighborhood so friendly, safe and wonderful. A reason, in itself, to have moved to Douglas County from the warm, Florida Keys.

Paul B. Andrew and wife Pat, a retired teacher, came down from the Tahoe area several years back when our new neighborhood was just being built. Paul was up early with the sunrise Thursday morning …. probably not warmer than 13 degrees – depending on which weather source you use.

 Coming in from the backyard around 6 a.m. after shoveling a path for little doggy Kip, a roaring but soothing sound not heard since last year’s unusual snowy weather, was making a clear path down Moraga Way and up Bella Casa Drive. And dear neighbor, Paul, all bundled up and wearing heavy gloves, a funny woven cap covering his head and ears along with a warm facemask and snow boots, was the artist plowing our sidewalk.

The hum of the snow blower was a familiar sound, a delightful noise from a marvelous, little, efficient machine that Paul and Pat purchased last year. As Paul came down the walkway, the flying, white, fluffy stuff was arching up and away from the sidewalk having been covered with many inches of snow late Wednesday night. It was a beautiful, perfect mathematical display of pure, unadulterated snowflakes – a work of art in this universe.

Paul has a unique caring for his neighbors, especially those of us getting up in years. He gives of himself to help others even though the recent lost of his and Pat’s little aged doggy Collins brought sad feelings, but wonderful memories of a life shared with their little companion. New memories are made as Paul shares his time with his neighbors making our sidewalks and driveways safe in our small valley area surrounded with views of majestic mountains.

Paul, with his 70th birthday coming soon, is the kind of neighbor who has great listening skills, a powerful concern for better environmental conditions and an innate desire to help others. He is truly an asset to our Douglas County neighborhood and is very appreciated.

Robin Sarantos is a Minden resident


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