Feb. 28, 2024, R-C Letters to the Editor

The wind lofts the flag over Minden Park.

The wind lofts the flag over Minden Park.

Backroom dealings, indeed


Kevin Kjer, a vacation home rental property manager in Glenbrook, submitted a recent letter to the editor in the R-C opinion page outing Danny Tarkanian for his back-door political shenanigans. Mr. Kjer’s letter was fact-filled and supported by Tarkanian’s own written documentation including a long email to a constituent. 

Now, Tarkanian had the unmitigated gall to submit his rebuttal letter in last Wednesday’s R-C regarding Mr. Kjer’s opinion. Tarkanian’s latest letter is full of misleading information, suppositions, and his own personal views. The slimy politicians inside the Washington, D.C. Beltway refer to tactics such as Tarkanian’s misleading letter as a political pivot. When bad news becomes public, as was brought to light in Mr. Kjer’s comments, politicians need to create an alternate tale to sway the uninformed.

Tarkanian supported an ordinance to prohibit VHRs in areas of the county north of Cave Rock in Tahoe including Glenbrook. In his most recent letter, Tarkanian regurgitated his stance that VHR owners or property managers like Mr. Kjer “don’t care about the community,” and “are part of the wealthy and powerful who put money over the health, safety, and quiet enjoyment of a person’s home.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Property managers and VHR owners in the Tahoe Township area of Douglas County are bound by an existing ordinance that includes mandatory inspections by the fire marshal to maintain the proper health & safety of all VHRs. The ordinance also contains strict rules that users of VHRs maintain orderly conduct in existing residential neighborhoods. 

For those who signed the recent “failed” petition to prohibit VHRs in all residential areas of the county: VHRs are currently prohibited by ordinance in the East Fork Township including all of the Carson Valley and Topaz.

What Tarkanian failed to mention was that a county resident had filed an NRS 239 public records request and obtained copies of emails and texts (irrefutable proof) between Tarkanian and a wealthy landowner in Glenbrook who had been plotting for a long time to ban VHR rentals in Glenbrook. Tarkanian’s plot included an attempt to pressure the VHR Citizen’s Advisory Board, influence a new county commissioner, threaten fellow commissioners with a recall, organize protesters to intimidate commissioners, and getting a “big name” to run against Mark Gardner in the upcoming commissioner election to get Gardner to support Tarkanian’s position.

In the last commission meeting while discussing the issue of the failed VHR petition, Tarkanian made a statement to the effect that voters in Douglas County are concerned about back-room dealings on county issues. After telling fellow commissioners and constituents for months that he didn’t know a wealthy landowner in Glenbrook, what do Douglas County voters think of Tarkanian’s back-room dealings now that the truth is known? Could voters even think of voting for Tarkanian again?

Larry Walsh


Serious concerns about Tarkanian


I would like to address serious concerns I have about Danny Tarkanian continuing to represent Douglas County on the Board of County Commissioners. It is quite apparent to me Mr. Tarkanian relocated to Douglas County, not because of his love for the area, but to use the seat as a temporary position and a bully pulpit to try to propel himself into the only nearly guaranteed Republican seat in Nevada in Congressional District-2. Mr. Tarkanian began his 2022 campaign for CD-2 with an obvious lie, stating he only decided to get into the race because of Congressman Mark Amodei’s decision to vote for a particular spending bill, when Tarkanian was clearly planning to run for the seat from the moment he moved here. Of course, Mr. Tarkanian was so unlikable and inept, he could not even beat another Republican-In-Name-Only in Amodei.  

Mr. Tarkanian is a career, failed politician who claims to be a “Reagan Republican.”  The truth is Mr. Tarkanian is a RINO, who is more Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger, or “Morning Joe” Scarborough than Ronald Reagan. Tarkanian loudly joined Democrats in their call that fraud never occurred in the 2020 elections and accused America First voters of being “election deniers” in an op-ed. Of course, Mr. Tarkanian never addresses the actual plethora of evidence indicating fraud did occur, or why it was never investigated by state or federal law enforcement and had to be argued in civil cases not allowed to proceed by judges on technicalities. No, Mr. Tarkanian is happy to side with Democrats to help solidify their hold on the broken electoral process in Nevada, and lecture those who question the 2020 election results as “election deniers.”    

It is no surprise Mr. Tarkanian sides with Democrats and never-Trumpers, his wife and advisor is a virulent RINO never-Trumper. Ms. Tarkanian uses her briefly held position as the Nevada GOP chairwoman and a so-called “Republican Strategist” to pretend to represent the Republican point of view while real Republican America First base, during her meaningless appearances on TV-for-stupid-people “news” networks and social media.   

If the Tarkanians were honest, they would change their party affiliation to the Democrats they really are and move back to Las Vegas, where they might have a chance at finally fulfilling their lifelong political ambitions. 

Douglas County deserves better representation than Mr. Tarkanian, who will clearly only bide his time on the BOCC to position himself for yet another failed run at a higher political seat. We have enough to worry about with the RINOs at the federal and state level than to have a RINO fraud representing us at the local level. I sincerely hope another viable candidate for District 1 emerges against Mr. Tarkanian, or Republicans may be forced to vote for whoever runs against him in the general election.   

Daniel J. Casentini


Unnecessary drama


Wow … What an unbelievable, unnecessary rollercoaster ride. I’m glad the School Board majority came to their senses. 

Unfortunately, for them, the voters will not forget that they attempted to fast-track an unqualified, uncredentialed, less than honest, active out of state probationer to the top spot in our School District. 

It’s clear to me that the newly elected board members wanted another opportunity to hire a puppet, like Joey Gilbert to agree with them on every issue. 

I regret voting for them under the “anti-woke” platform. They got me the first time, but it will not happen again. 

Ted Martell 


I’m 10 and I know better


My name is Savannah. I’m 10 years old and in fourth grade at Minden Elementary School. I went to the board meeting on Feb. 13, when the trustees chose to not offer Mr. Ramirez a contract. It was intense. But I’m interested in that sort of thing. I personally love hearing what the people in the red had to say. I support them by wearing it, too. My aunt is one of the amazing teachers at Douglas High. She teaches AP government, leadership, and English. My uncle was the HR director and because of some choices and how the board treated him, he left. At the meeting, there were people in front of me that kept talking about how “rude and disgusting us kids were.” That made me want to say to them, “if us kids are so rude and disgusting then why are we here?” We absolutely love our teachers and schools. I know that all the parents and us kids are pretty mad at some of the trustees (they know who they are). I’d like them to resign. It appalls me that some of the members wouldn’t even look at people when they were speaking. It’s hard enough to even try to go up there, yet to be completely ignored … Wow! Also, I don’t think they should ring the bell when students are speaking. It makes me so mad. Mr. Burns, I don’t think you should be rolling your eyes when people online are speaking just because they can’t see you. I think some board members, and the people that agree with them, are way more “rude and more disgusting” than us students. I couldn’t help but notice all the parents, teachers, and kids I knew, and they were wearing red too. I wore a red shirt and a red sweatshirt. Keith Lewis was the best superintendent and whenever he came to our school, everyone was happy and said, “Hi Mr. Lewis! How are you?” If Mr. Ramirez was superintendent, people wouldn’t be happy when he walked into the school. Another thing I saw at the meeting was a dad wearing red. During one of the breaks in the meeting, he was talking to his son about why they wore red. A man not wearing red interrupted the dad’s conversation and started to have a disagreement with the dad. I know the kid, and it made me feel bad for him to have to stand there and watch that. His mom eventually took him and left. When the man not wearing red sat down, I heard him say, “The second I heard that dad lying to his son, I had to go over there.” It made me wonder why the man not wearing red did that. I believe people can have their own opinions, but no one should feel the need to fight, especially with a kid right there. That was my experience of attending the most recent school board meeting. Thank you for listening to me. I love my school and my amazing teachers

Savannah Goodspeed


Future of Social Security


The status and health of the Social Security program is of concern to our citizens of Douglas County. According to the U.S. Census Bureau one third of our citizens here in Douglas County are over 65 (2020 data). Douglas County senior citizens depend on Social Security retirement and many more of our younger citizens are paying FICA payroll taxes in hopes of having Social Security when they retire.

The Social Security Old Age and Survivors Insurance Trust is facing depletion by 2033. If the federal government can’t fix the $22.4 trillion dollar funding shortage, it could result in benefit cuts of up to 23 percent for retirees beginning in 2033. Other solutions (proposed by Republican candidates) include delaying the age when one can collect Social Security to 69.

With the Presidential elections upcoming this year Douglas County voting citizens need to weigh carefully each candidates position on how to fix the Social Security System. Niki Haley has repeatedly called for a cut in Social Security benefits or increasing the age when you can receive social security. Donald Trump does not have a coherent plan and will most likely go along with the Republican Party’s long held policy to “cut entitlements like Social Security.” But Social Security is not an entitlement, it is an insurance program which was paid for by hard working Americans through social security payroll taxes, and self-employment taxes.

For many years the Social Security Trust Fund was profitable, and Congress (both Republicans and Democratic Congresses) borrowed money from the Trust Fund to help offset Federal Budget deficits.

So the question is how best to fix the shortage to the Social Security Trust before 2033? The question is not how to take an earned retirement benefit away from the American people as Niki Haley and Donald Trump would like to do. The only candidate with a solid comprehensive program is Joe Biden. Joe Biden’s plan will fix the funding of Social Security by 1) Implementing a Social Security tax on income over $400,000 - currently this income is not taxed; and 2) changing the way cost of living increases are calculated, which could put more money in the pockets of seniors.

When considering the future status of our retirement and Social Security, I think President Biden is the best vote for the citizens of Douglas County.

Gail Scott


Biden’s war on fossil fuels


With the 2024 elections little over six months away it is becoming obvious who will represent the Republican Party [Donald Trump]. Democrats Joe Biden or whom the party will replace him with someone who will embrace the Biden agenda and the 100 percent support of the Democratic Party. On the first day of his election as the 46th president of the United States, President Biden declared war on fossil fuels, initiating the worldwide inflation that followed. Russia increased its petroleum income from this action by over $100 billion/year to enable its invasion of Ukraine. The Afghanistan botched withdrawal encouraged Putin to act. Biden removed the Pres. Trump imposed restrictions on Iran oil exports helping them to increase their annual oil exporting revenues from $5 billion to $60 billion/year, enabling terror groups like Hamas, Hezbollah and Hutus conduct Iran’s proxy wars. An opportunity to significantly influence the outcome of the most important election in years [2024] in Nevada. to have all important issues on your side. Regaining control from Democrats of State assembly, State senate, US senator & Governor obtained via 2020 Covid19 relaxed rules allowing to influence the outcome of 2022 gerrymandered elections in their favor. Despite 52 to 48% GOP edge, Dems elected 28 to 14 majority in the assembly,7 Dems to 4 GOP in decided senate seats and 3 Dems and 1 GOP for US congress; Potential effect of !00,000 additional GOP votes, would change the assembly 27 GOP and 15 Dems. Senate portion to nine GOP and two Dems and all four congressional seats to turn Republican. Proposal is for Nevada GOP to prepare a mailing to be sent to all registered Republicans and Nonpartisans in Nevada listing key issues affecting them. 

As of Sept. 1, 2023 state of Nevada had 1,904,716 registered voters listed as follows; 600,946 Democrats, 551,001 Republicans, and 752,757 nonpartisans, AIP, LIB & other.] One. Accrued effect of Biden-Democrat-Green agenda inflation. Inflation in January 2021 was 1.5 percent, but by August 2023, it had ballooned by 15.3 percent. This resulted in a $1.9 trillion permanent annual structural deficit. This inflation equates to a $14,000 annual cost over 130 million households in the U.S. [unlike $1.6 trillion annual tax burden — 97.8 percent paid by top 50 percent taxpayers. Two. Explain the Democrat favored Gerrymandering and how it could be remedied with increased voter participation.  Three. Open Border policies, its effects, costs and national security concerns. Four. The $33 trillion National Debt — equals $100,000 per U.S. citizen burdening the future generations. Five. Weak Foreign policies that encourage overseas conflicts Six. So called social justice, Multi gender policies, wokeness, CRT etc. Seven. Party that considers White privilege and Global warming, main problems facing the US. Now ask yourself: Are you better off now than four years ago? Vote according to your situation.

Mark Tarvainen


House soft on Russia


It’s hard to believe it, but our House leadership has gone “soft” on Putin and Russian (Communist) aggression. Speaker Johnson this week refused to bring to the floor for a vote, the aid package supporting Ukraine passed by the Senate. His politically inspired delay to not bring forth this essential foreign aid package, plays into Putin’s hand by making our country look feckless and weak, and him strong. Is the sudden suspicious death of Alexei Navalny an example of Putin flexing his muscle? It is strange that this death happens the day after Speaker Johnson adjourns the House for 2 weeks. We have obligations to our allies. Two years ago when Russia began its unjustified aggression against Ukraine, this country and its European neighbors pledged our support to Ukraine. Our resolute commitment is essential to that country’s very survival. History has taught those of us opposed to tyranny and strongman rule, that we must stand with our friends. The House returns to session on March 5. Speaker Johnson, stand up to your caucus. Passing aid to Ukraine needs to be at the top of the House’s agenda.

Greta Hambsch


Great concert


I am thankful and pleased that we have an arts organization as active as the Carson Valley Arts Association. I am amazed at the talented musical groups they bring to our area every winter to play at the CVI Hall. Heather “Lil’ Mama” Hardy’s musical talent was on display last week with her expertise on the electric and acoustic violin playing delightful blues and jazz tunes.

I am also pleased that part of the organization’s mission is to enhance our local students’ exposure to music as most of the performers also do an assembly or training session as our local schools. 

In addition to their winter concert series, CVTA also sponsors the Missoula Children’s Theater at a local school each year. This entails bringing in professionals that work with the children for one intense week of auditions, practice and the presentation of a play. This is an amazing process to witness and an extortionary opportunity for our students to learn the entire process of doing a play.

The CVTA also offers small grants to local music and art teachers to enhance class projects and training in their classrooms.

CVTA sponsors an Arts Studio Tour and partners with other organizations to support community events such as the Dia De Muertos Celebration at Heritage Park.

I highly encourage everyone to experience the extortionary upcoming performance of Dirty Cello at the CVI on March 8 at 7 p.m. This talented group brings the world a high energy and unique spin on blues, rock, and Americana. Led by vivacious cross-over cellist, Rebecca Roudman. Let’s continue to support arts and culture in our beautiful Carson Valley.

Judy Larquier


Sertoma offers thanks


This is a note of thanks to the community for another wildly successful year with the annual Sertoma Coat Drive. In addition to the record-breaking amount of warm clothing donated (9,758 warm items including 4,386 coats and jackets), we want to thank Walmart in Gardnerville and Walmart on Market St. in Carson City who gave us grants through the Walmart Foundation, Carson Valley Health who made a first-time generous donation, and the people who walked up to us and gave us money while we were in line purchasing jackets and gloves. With this financial assistance we were able to make strategic purchases of jackets and gloves for specific needs.

Mt. Rose Ski Resort surprised us with a contribution of more than 600 children’s winter jackets. Harrah’s/Harvey’s Tahoe and Starbuck’s Roasting Plant and Distribution Center continued their annual employee coat drives. Lamar Advertising, Carson Valley Health, Douglas County Community & Senior Center, and C.O.D. Casino let everyone know the Coat Drive was active and ready for contributions with space on their electronic billboards! Many thanks go to two contributors: Crown Cleaners and Mr. Bubbles Laundromat, who provided their services to clean some high quality, but not quite presentable items.

Twenty-one locations cared for our blue donation barrels in Douglas County: COD Casino, DST Coffee, Round Table Pizza, The Grill Next Door, Tractor Supply Co., Douglas County Senior & Community Center, Ace Hardware, Douglas County Library (both Minden and Tahoe), Double J Automotive, Brown Bear Designs, Custom Framing & Design, St. Galls Catholic Community, ABE Printing, Anytime Fitness, UPS Store, Daggett Creek Kennels, Velvet Touch Salon, Mr. Bubbles Laundromat, Crown Cleaners, and The Chateau. We had eight locations in Carson City: Carson City Senior Center, Tractor Supply Co., Carson City Library, Trader Joes, Benson Feed & Tack, Win’s Wheels, Red Wing Shoes, and Guild Mortgage. In addition, Cottage Clip & Tips in Reno, Kirkwood Mountain Resort, and Girl Scout Troop No. 49 in Smith Valley joined in the Drive.

The generosity of the people who filled barrels allowed us to provide warmth to homeless and unemployed veterans, homeless and very low-income families, domestic violence victims, people in crisis, and school kids in need. The specific organizations we gave to this year are listed on the Results flier on our webpage.

Carson Valley Sertoma Club is grateful to the Douglas County and Carson City communities for their support of this meaningful project. We look forward to working with you next fall with the 2024-25 Sertoma Coat Drive.

Eileen Behr 

Sertoma Coat Drive Chair 

Pat Smith

Carson Valley Sertoma President



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