May 15, 2024, R-C Letters to the Editor

Why I’m running


Thank you for this opportunity to speak to the great folks of Douglas County. I am running for the honor to serve you as Douglas County Commissioner, District 3. I am a very fair, honest, transparent and strong candidate. I have over 20 years of combined State and County Government experience as a Statewide Superintendent and Fire Captain. I was previously a Journeyman Machinist and then Journeyman Heavy Equipment Mechanic. I have been in this area since 1997 and am very aware of our issues and struggles. I have had great success in problem solving. I was elected to the Board of Trustees at Topaz Ranch last year and it has been a serious challenge. We have been correcting many years of mismanagement and neglect. I have been slandered and challenged; it has only reinforced my resolve! My Wife and I have put in over 1,000 hours of volunteer labor to secure funds to repair our terrible roads. We spent many months fighting off a takeover by the County based on a False Petition and coerced Board Votes. I believe that the people of Douglas County should not be stuck with our responsibilities! I believe in a government closest to its people. We received little or no help from the current Board of Commissioners, that’s OK, as I was quoted months ago, we can take care of our own problems.

 I want to make sure that all citizens of Douglas County are equally, proportionately and fairly represented. I believe in total open communication and transparency with all citizens, from Jack Wright to Spooner, Pinenuts to Kimmerling, 395/50 to Topaz Lake! I am and have been a fixer and problem solver throughout my career and personal life. I believe we can have managed growth with proper infrastructure support. I am not anti-mining or anti- Industry; I am anti loss of water and farmland. I do not want to see a drop of our water shipped out of here, or a diminished water table! I care about our youth, preparing them for an uncertain future, our underserved elderly and keeping this beautiful slice of heaven just that way! I think we can do better and deserve a choice! I would very much appreciate your vote and an opportunity to do just that.

Michael J. Tanner

Topaz Ranch Estates

Won’t be voting for Tarkanian


I have been watching the District 1 Commissioner race with interest and just read Commissioner Tarkanian’s latest newsletter. He mentions that numerous county leaders are against him because he is not part of the “good old boys” club. In other newsletters he has stated that he does not do “back room” deals and he is transparent. Not true.

I have always found it better to not only judge people by what they say but also how they act. After watching a couple of commission meetings, I know why so many community leaders have a problem with him. He is often rude to fellow commissioners who don’t agree with him on a particular issue. He talks down to county staff, advisory board members, planning commissioners, members of the district attorney’s office and anyone else who shares a different point of view. He wants so much to have his way of thinking pushed through that he forgets that he needs to work with other people.

If one of his issues does not get passed, he tells everyone in his weekly newsletter why a certain commissioner was mistaken or that they must have a “hidden agenda.” I can’t believe this type of behavior builds any kind of trust. At the April 18 commission meeting, Commissioner Sharla Hales even had to take time during closing public comment to ask Commissioner Tarkanian to stop spreading lies about her and her family. 

Actions speak louder than words when it comes to “back room” deals and transparency. Commissioner Tarkanian got exposed a couple of months ago for making a back room deal for a powerful friend while making plans to intimidate fellow commissioners to get them to change their vote.

It seems to me that Commissioner Tarkanian says one thing while doing another. He has not earned my vote. It is time for a change. I will be voting for James McKalip. 

Raymond Plimpton


Voting for Tarkanian


As another election season quickly approaches, choosing who should lead and represent our interests in the county commission has never been clearer. I am writing to let you know how much I can support the re-election of Danny Tarkanian, who has continually provided outstanding transparency and continuous engagement with his constituents. Mr. Tarkanian has championed the cause of open government, ensuring that decisions--making processes visible, accessible, and understandable to all residents.

Mr. Tarkanian holds regular town halls and an annual Tark in the Park barbeque and returns messages left by his constituents. Through these efforts, Mr. Tarkanian has opened up dialogue and invited feedback and participation from the community on policy decisions that affect us all. At a time when public trust is at a historic low, having a leader who not only talks about transparency but actively enforces it is invaluable.

I have been impressed by Mr. Tarkanian’s willingness to listen, learn, and adapt—to input received by the community. He has often challenged county staff and other commissioners based on this public input.

I encourage you to support the re-election of a proven leader whose actions align with our values. Our community deserves a representative who promises and delivers transparency and engagement. Let’s vote to maintain this standard of leadership that actively empowers its citizens. 

Mike and Terry Gump


Supporting Tarkanian


We are writing to encourage others to support Danny Tarkanian and vote for him in the upcoming Primary. We have lived in Douglas County for over 37 years and have been involved in many local issues. In the years we’ve been in the County, we’ve never seen a commissioner send out the emails that Danny Tarkanian does, keeping us up to date on important issues, providing support to our local small business owners, and adding support for our local animals in need of adoption. When he first moved here four plus years ago to run against then Commissioner Nelson, we were concerned. But we are pleased to be proven wrong as we see the work Commissioner Tarkanian does for our community. Danny doesn’t just talk the talk, but he delivers on his promises and works tirelessly for all citizens of Douglas County and not just the rich and powerful interests that seem to have an undue influence in the wrong direction the County is going. 

During this time of unprecedented growth and change in the County, it’s especially important to know what each candidate stands for. In addition to what a candidate says, we would also suggest looking at the campaign finance disclosures to see who is providing support to which candidate. Unfortunately, these aren’t available and may not be before the Primary. Another, simpler way to get this information is to simply see who has campaign signs on their property. I see Danny Tarkanian’s signs on individual property owners. Setting the example of being for the people and not just those that are perhaps looking for favors from our elected officials. 

Commissioner Tarkanian is the best hope we have to have a real voice in how our County conducts their business and we encourage you to support his work for us. 

Dan Greenlee and Gail Durham


Worried about county seniors


I am worried about the welfare of Douglas County seniors. I am 71 years old, live here and struggle with health care, finances and prescription drugs. As I think about the upcoming elections and our senior population, I grow even more worried.

Mark Amodei is a big concern.  Based on his voting record, Amodei is a danger to senior citizens and must not be re-elected. For instance, in 2022, Mark Amodei voted against the Inflation Reduction Act which was ultimately passed by congress in 2022 and signed into law by President Biden. The Inflation Reduction Act saves Douglas County seniors an average of $433.81 due to $2K annual out-of-pocket cost cap mandated by this law. This law also allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs capping insulin drugs at $35 per month. Drugs that will be capped in 2025 by this law include Eliquis (blood thinner), Enbrel (arthritis, psoriasis), Farxiga (diabetes, heart failure), Entresto (heart failure), Imbruvica (leukemia), Januvia (diabetes), Jardiance (diabetes), Stelara (psoriasis, Chron’s disease), and Xarelto (blood thinner). Seniors are the biggest consumers of these drugs.

Why would our elected representative, Mark Amodei, vote against the

Inflation Reduction Act? What’s wrong with you, Mr. Amodei?  Why are you voting against senior citizens and for big pharmaceutical companies?

Amodei votes and expresses concern about our country’s burgeoning debt and many conservatives in Douglas County believe that this should be a concern. If we are lacking money to balance the budget, why did Amodei vote for the largest tax cut (without a funding source) for billionaires and corporations in 2017?  Amodei believes that corporations and billionaires should not pay their fair share of taxes.  The 2017 huge Trump tax cut caused a ballooning deficit in our federal budget. Now this deficit is being used by Amodei and his fellow MAGA Republicans to advocate for a cut in

Social Security benefits (or a delay in the age eligibility) starting in 2034 when Social Security will potentially run out of money.

I do not believe that Douglas County’s citizens ever thought that Amodei would vote for a billionaire and corporate tax cut and then use it as a justification to vote against benefits for senior citizens.

Amodei’s voting record warrants voting him out of office. Vote for

democrats across the ballot who will roll back the tax cuts for billionaires and preserve Social Security, Medicare and prescription drug benefits. Do this for your parents, grandparents and the seniors of this county.

Gail Scott 


Majority voted


Didn’t a majority of Douglas voters choose to elect Trustees Burns, Jansen, and Dickerson while unseating two incumbents? Hasn’t the increased emphasis placed by these Trustees, and Trustee Englekirk, on the teaching of reading, writing, math, critical thinking, science and technology skills resonated with a Majority of Douglas citizens? Doesn’t this Majority also oppose left wing extremist, Marxist, CRT, DEI, woke curriculum propaganda? Do you really believe the Majority of Douglas families with school age daughters disagree with Majority Trustees and want biological male gender pretenders to compete with them in sports, or invade their bathrooms, dressing rooms and showers? Thank you, Majority Trustees for your substantial positive achievements.

Roger Adam



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