Camp focuses on emotional and academic success

China Springs Youth Camp Program Director Mastor Bellamy speaks at Rotary Club.

China Springs Youth Camp Program Director Mastor Bellamy speaks at Rotary Club.

“It is an amazing program” new China Springs Youth Camp Program Director Mastor Bellamy said as he spoke with the Minden Rotary. The program assists troubled youth increase their emotional and academic success.

The current program has 45 staff working with two dozen children, who have been in trouble with the law in counties.

Emotional success comes from mandatory programs in Aggressive Replacement Training, Thinking for Change, Boys Counsel and Girls Circle. In addition, they receive mental health and drug-substance counseling from trained counselors. Funding for the program comes from the counties they are referred from as well as the state and grants.

Education is provided by Douglas County School District.

Jacobsen High School staff are located on the CSYC property. In addition, they have added GED exam opportunities, vocational education through WNC classes and activities such as snow shoeing and kayaking.

Youth do not have access to their phones during their time at the camp. For the first 30 days (the OATH/Orientation period), no visitors are allowed. The next 90 days is considered the adjustment period and the youth are allowed to receive phone calls. The remaining 60 days is split between transition and honors periods where the youth can go home every other weekend to begin the transition back to home life. For some, this transition might be to transitional living-housing if the home life is not the setting that would increase their chances of success.

One of the biggest challenges is this transition back to the home setting. The average youth is from Washoe County with a dad not typically around, many siblings and a mom either working many hours or herself involved in a gang.

Bellamy received his degree in education from Kilgore College, where he found his passion for coaching youth basketball and working with teens and young adults with autism. He worked with the Western Nevada Boys and Girls Club for five years before taking his current position in October. He is married with three teenage kids and a 2-year-old.

The Minden Rotary Club meets at noon every Thursday in the COD Casino Garage. Join us to learn and get involved in the community.


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