Douglas County plans for future, strategically

Jenifer Davidson

Jenifer Davidson

Douglas County has undergone significant changes over the years but continues to focus on balanced growth and the development of social and economic infrastructure in the upcoming strategic plan, County Manager Jenifer Davidson said. 

Davidson presented the “State of the County 2024” during the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Wednesday, highlighting the achievements and growth the county has already seen and objectives and goals for the future.

“The goal is to achieve sustainable growth and development while ensuring that the infrastructure is able to support the needs of the community,” Davidson said. “This means prioritizing the responsible development of roads, traffic and transportation systems, while also effectively managing stormwater, providing reliable water and sewer services, ensuring financial stability, and fostering business and economic growth in a way that benefits everyone and preserves the county’s natural beauty. “

Efforts are focused on protecting open space, managing access to federal lands, and preserving heritage and culture.

“Responsible and sustainable tourism is also promoted to ensure that the areas unique charm is protected for future generations,” she said.

Douglas County also strives to offer a range of services that address the needs of individuals and families, including access to healthcare, education, job training and other resources as well as the quality of life through outdoor and indoor recreation, senior and youth services, transportation and more. 

The county’s overall goal is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

“We are constantly working to identify new ways to serve our community and improve the lives of those around us,” Davidson.

The Douglas County Board of Commissioners first approved a strategic plan in 2008, which has been updated periodically to reflect changes in objectives and initiatives.

The plan serves as a roadmap for county leaders to continue building on their successes for the next five years.

The Board of County Commissioner will hold a meeting open to the public March 1 to review and discuss public feedback on the strategic plan.

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