Douglas County legal - 38614

I, Amy Burgans, Clerk-Treasurer of Douglas County, hereby give notice of all judicial and statewide offices for which candidates are to be nominated in Douglas County at the June 11, 2024, Primary Election, per NAC 293.040. Also included, are local offices. Please visit for candidate filing and election information. You may also email or call (775) 783-6095. 

United States Senate (6-year term) – One seat 

United States House of Representatives (2-year term) – District 2 

Justice of the Supreme Court (6-year term) – Seat C 

State Assembly (2-year term) Douglas County – District 39 

University Board of Regents (6-year term) – District 9 

State Board of Education (4-year term) – District 2 

Douglas County Commissioner (4-year term) – Districts 1, 3, and 5 

Justice of the Peace East Fork Township (6-year term) 

Justice of the Peace Tahoe Township (6-year term) 

Douglas County School Board (4-year term) – Districts 1, 3, 4, and 5 

Pub Date: November 22, 2023 Ad # 38614


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