The Nov. 16, 2023, R-C Morning Report

Jeff Garvin took this photo of this morning's fog bank from Fredericksburg.

Jeff Garvin took this photo of this morning's fog bank from Fredericksburg.

Douglas deputies responded to a break-in early this morning at Carson Valley Plaza. Security cameras captured the burglars hacking a hole in a neighboring suite, but it sounded like they took off when deputies arrived at around 4:05 a.m.

A lineman was helicoptered for treatment after he reportedly fell 20 feet from a pole above Logging Road off Kingsbury 3:30 p.m. Wednesday. The man was conscious but definitely dazed by the experience. Tahoe Douglas medics and firefighters responded.

A vehicle collision snarled Mottsville Lane around 6 p.m. Wednesday. A social media post indicates horses escaped their pasture and were hit, and critically injured. With it being dark so early, be careful on the roads. It could just as easily have been cows or a bear.

The Vacation Home Rental board upheld two permit revocations on Wednesday. Douglas County commissioners are introducing yet another revision to the county ordinance today, this time to ban the 13 rentals north of Cave Rock to the consternation of some Glenbrook residents.

A handful of officials gathered at the River Fork Ranch on Wednesday to dedicate a high water marker indicating there was 2 feet of water in the parking lot. It wasn’t so much the depth as the breadth the marker memorializes.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency issued new flood maps for the portion of Carson Valley affected by Pine Nut Creek last week. Go to and select Nevada and Douglas County to find them.

It’s foggy out this morning, so take it easy on the commute. Minden-Tahoe Airport is reporting visibility at a quarter-mile or less, which is how I interpret -.25 miles, since you can’t have reverse visibility.

Heavenly Valley picked up around an inch of snow at 8,533 feet with .3 inches of precipitation. Kingsbury and Spooner are wet but clear with no road restrictions. CalTrans reported they were closing Ebbetts, Sonoroa and Tioga passes for the storm and likely the one coming Friday.

Most places in the Valley that receivd rain saw .1-.17 inches over the last 24 hours. The main chance of showers moves on around lunchtime, and the sun should peak through the clouds as the high climbs to 55 degrees.

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