Porch Movement seeks to conquer loneliness

Porch Movement Founder Tammy Claughton spoke at Rotary Club of Minden on Nov. 9.

Porch Movement Founder Tammy Claughton spoke at Rotary Club of Minden on Nov. 9.

The founder of The Porch Movement in Carson City described the goal of her organization to reduce loneliness on Nov. 9 to members of the Rotary Club of Minden.

“We have become increasingly more disconnected, divided, isolated and lonely” said Tammy Claughton.

With a lifetime of serving others, Tammy saw the need for bringing neighbors together to specifically address the Loneliness Epidemic organizers said. “

There are a lot of people affected by loneliness, which is defined as being alone and not liking it.”

The Porch Movement was created to make human connections by building one porch at a time. One of the motivating factors for Tammy is that connected people become great neighbors.

“We’ve lost some of this in our society,” she said. “All of us can get started by connecting with your neighbors - just by waving.”

Claughton cited a study that said if you wave or say hello to at least six of your neighbors a day, that improves your mental and physical health. Test it out…it creates a friendlier environment where you live.

The Porch Movement sees the solution to epidemic loneliness as building “one porch” at a time.

There are two simple methods to do this, according to Claughton:

1. Encourage individuals to invite one, two or maybe three people over for coffee, appetizer, game night, etc., where the only agenda is to get to know your neighbor.

2. Open Porches Using a public setting (parks, coffee shops, etc). for other people to come together, connect, be seen, heard and valued. No agenda other than building community.

There is a Porch Movement fundraiser Bowl-a-Thon & Silent Auction 1-4 p.m Dec. 3 at the Home Grown Bowl in Carson City.

The Rotary Club of Minden meets noon Thursdays at the COD Casino Garage. Eastside Memorial’s Nadia Sandoval will discuss Wreaths Across America program on Thursday.


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