Domestic violence survivor testifies against abuser

Travis Strawn

Travis Strawn

The survivor of an Aug. 10 domestic violence incident testified Monday against perpetrator Travis Michael Strawn Monday.

“He’s a very scary and dangerous person and I truly believe he is going to kill the next girl he is with,” she said.

According to court documents, Strawn, 23, had restrained the woman and strangled her to the point where she experienced tunnel vision and saw stars, said Prosecutor Chelsea Mazza. It was also reported that the woman obtained bruises and injuries to her face, arms, legs and wrists.

“He beat me to the point that I didn’t know if I would live or die,” she said. “At one point, I pleaded with him to just get it over with, because I could no longer physically and mentally withstand the abuse.”

Strawn’s attorney argued he suffers from mental health issues including past traumas and addiction.

“It shows how trauma and addiction can spill over and spread on to other people,” said attorney Orrin H. Johnson. “It’s not to excuse the behavior and the crime, but to attempt to treat the underlying issue.”

According to court documents, Strawn was also in possession of a Black Torres G2 9 millimeter handgun after being convicted of a misdemeanor in an Alpine County domestic battery in 2021 which prohibited him from carrying a firearm.

“He may have trauma and substance abuse issues, but none of that excuses this egregious and horrific domestic violence,” Mazza said.

Strawn was sentenced to 52-132 months in prison for felony domestic violence with strangulation and possession of a firearm.

• A Clark County man who shot rounds into the ceiling of a hotel room in Lake Tahoe was sentenced to a suspended 24-60 months in prison Monday.

Brenyon Tyree Lindsey, 23 was arrested on Oct. 28, 2022, after Douglas County Sheriff deputies responded to an active shooter call on Ridge Club Drive.

According to court documents Lindsey and four others were celebrating a birthday at a Lake Tahoe resort. After an argument, Lindsey went out to one of vehicles and grabbed .45 handgun and kicked open the door holding the pistol. He dis-charged two rounds into the ceiling and pointed it at a member of the party then fired twice more into the ceiling.

Lindsey said his character was out of the ordinary and he acted out of impulse.

“This is an aggregated case on many levels,” said District Court Thomas Gregory. “The circumstances of it were extremely dangerous, this was a resort whether occupied or not and you shot four times.”

Lindsey has no prior convictions.


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