Happy Mother's Day

A Mother's Day bouquet courtesy of an Oregon grape growing north of Genoa on Sunday morning.

A Mother's Day bouquet courtesy of an Oregon grape growing north of Genoa on Sunday morning.

It’s easy for a mother to miss the daily appreciation she receives. As a mom of two young boys, the feeling of appreciation is not a common feeling for me, exhaustion is more familiar as I am kept busy from school drops off and soccer games, appointments, household chores to maintain, shopping trips, etc. The list of a mother is often endless and in that a mother might lose sight of how her family thanks her on a daily basis.

But with Mother’s Day being Sunday, I’m thinking of all those daily ways my boys show me love and appreciation. It’s through the stories about their days, an unexpected hug and kiss as they walk past me or their smile as I tuck them in at night and the plea for one more story. It’s small, but so are they and often times mothers are blinded by those small acts of love because it all feels more like just part the routine.

That’s why I think we look forward to Mother’s Day where we are showered with gifts from literally hand-made cards, flowers, jewelry, candles, perhaps breakfast in bed or if we’re really lucky an extra few hours of sleep. It’s a day we know that it’s all about us and a day to be a little selfish for once.

I love being spoiled and receiving those sweet hand-made cards. I love the proud little smiles as my boys present me with a gift they worked hard on. I love their attempt to make me feel special for a day and they do.

But what happens at the end of that day? When our sweet child turns back into his/her gremlin form, or you don’t sleep in, no one makes you breakfast, and the daily routine returns.

Try to look for those small acts of love and appreciation in the little things they do. It’s not easy, but when you do spot one, you will feel as full of love and appreciation as you did when you received that hand traced card.

Happy Mother’s Day to all moms, grandmothers, stepmoms, soon-to-be moms and others who love and care for children on a daily basis.

Sarah Drinkwine is a staff writer for The Record-Courier


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