Man sentenced to prison in assault

A Gardnerville man who has a 2005 California conviction for voluntary manslaughter was sentenced to 14-48 months in prison for assault with a deadly weapon after he threw a knife that hit a woman.

Angel T. Martinez, 35, has been in custody since the March 12 argument at his home ended up in the front yard, where Martinez challenged a man to fight. According to witnesses, he ran inside and came out with a knife that he threw at the man, missing him and hitting a woman in the hand.

Attorney Matthew Ence said that Martinez has been sent to prison and that hasn’t worked in arguing for probation.

“But for the fact that he had been drinking that day, he would never have committed the assault,” Ence said.

Martinez said he took full responsibility for his part in the incident.

“I can’t help feeling tremendous guilt and sadness for what I put my family through,” he said.

District Judge Tod Young said that each time Martinez appears before a judge, he’s increasingly likely to go to prison.


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