Still navigating snowy conditions

The boat launch at Silver Lake by Denny Radford.

The boat launch at Silver Lake by Denny Radford.

Hello fellow anglers. This has been a very strange year, we can all agree. Excessive snow, then come the rains non-stop. Which in turn brings with it a ton of mosquitoes. So, wherever you go, don’t forget the bug spray. Summer is officially here on June 21, but many areas are still trying to get rid of winter residual.

A few notes when traveling around the Sierra. We may be at altitude, but the rattlesnakes have come out. So, watch where you reach and where you step. If you need a reminder of what can happen. Look up, “Fishing writer survives bite by rattlesnake” on the Tahoe Tribune website. I wish that experience on no one.

Also, while venturing on those good ole dirt roads, many of them “especially in the Bridgeport area” are still full of mud and many people have had to be rescued. All we need to do is use common sense. Eventually we will be able to get out and explore again and put winter behind us.

SILVER LAKE HIGHWAY 88: The lake is currently 67 percent, and the Lake is 80-percent free of ice. The boat ramp is open and is advised to use at your own risk. Due to low water conditions, watch out for submerged rocks Trees and logs.

CAPLES LAKE: The lake is currently 75 percent. Still good ice about 90-percent iced over. There is a 20-50 foot ring of water around the first dam where you can see people are fishing. The day use and boat ramp area may open before July 4th weekend depending on weather. The Caples Lake resort is working to open around the same time.

RED LAKE: The lake is currently about 80-percent iced over. There is a small 10-15 foot ring of water around the shoreline where some anglers are fishing.


BLUE LAKES: The road is open to the second gate. Due to snow in the area, there are no options for camping along the roadside.

CARSON RIVER WEST FORK ALPINE COUNTY: The water is running high in the Woodfords canyon area, but the Hope Valley area is accessible, including the fishing access area in Picketts Juntion. No fish plants are scheduled.

CARSON RIVER EAST FORK: The river is still raging and is not fishable at this time. The road is open up to Silver Mountain City, which is a few miles up past Wolf Creek turn off. The Carson River resort is open for tent, and RV camping and they may even have a cabin rental available. Due to high runoffs, there are no plants scheduled. For more information, stop by the Carson River Resort.

INDIAN CREEK RESERVOIR: The lake level is up, and the weeds are starting to show up. The lake has been planted recently by CDFW and Alpine County. The campground area will remain closed for the year due to the Tamarack fire. Both roads are open with no restrictions. On my last trip I could not believe how much water was in Curtz Lake which is located halfway between the airport and highway 89. It may not have any fish in it, but this year there will be a lot of frogs and mosquitoes.

WOLF CREEK: Due to road damage caused by our recent winter and rain. The road is closed for repairs.

MONITOR PASS: The pass is open, and the snow is melting fast. In just a couple weeks the snow level went from 15 feet to just a few feet.


TOPAZ LAKE: The lake level has come up a foot or so. The fishing has been spotty, with one day on and the next day off. Trollers have been more productive in the early morning hours on the west shore with flashers and rapalas or needle fish lures. As the day progresses, stay on the west side, but move out to the 25-35 depth and keep your presentation deep. Shore anglers have been doing fair with salmon peach or green Powerbait.

BRIDGEPORT RESERVOIR: The lake level has come up quite a bit on Bridgeport but it’s still very low, the clarity has also improved but it’s still very off color. They are catching a few fish here and there out there, but it’s overall been pretty tough. The folks who are having some success are mostly fishing from the shore with bait though we did talk to one angler who caught a bunch of perch and a couple rainbows casting Panther Martins from the dam. For more information, stop by Ken’s Sporting Goods.

TWIN LAKES: The action at the Twins is still very good with lots of pan-sized fish being caught as well as a handful of larger rainbows and a few browns. Nothing over 10 pounds that has been caught lately but lots of nice fish. Bait anglers are using power bait, inflated crawlers, mice tails and pinched crawlers, lure anglers are using Rapalas, Thomas Bouyants, speedy shiners and Kastmasters. Fly anglers are having some success stripping streamers and leech patterns. For more information stop by Ken’s Sporting Goods.

JUNE LAKE FISHING REPORTS FROM MY FRIEND KNOT: Since mid-May we’ve been getting from 7-21 mostly 10-12-inch rainbows with a few 3-4 pounders each trip out mainly with a variety of floating baits like Powerbait, Garlic Pinched Crawlers, and Mice Tails. Oddly enough, nothing on a nightcrawler under a bobber which is usually go-to.

Gull Lake: After three trips out on Gull we’re getting about the same amount and size of rainbows as in June but more oddly enough the first two trips were all on the nightcrawler and bobber near the reed lines. During the third trip all were caught using the floating baits only in deeper water away from the reeds.

Rush Creek: The creek is flowing super high and fast and with no trout plants as yet it would be wise to avoid until things calm down a bit later in July.

Grant Lake: Upper Grant above The Narrows was the only decent sized ice-free water in the area on Opener and the anglers that fished it did well catching Rainbows and Browns. “Hook ‘em Danno” of Dan’s Guide Service who fishes Grant almost daily in the evenings and is my only good source for info started off well in mid-May getting stocked Rainbows, Wild Browns, and an occasional Kamloops. Lately it’s been tough as the lake is rising quickly and the fish are moving to different locations almost overnight. Once the water level stabilizes (meaning full, full and over the spillway) the fish should too, finding their “happy spots”. And as Knot always says. “ keep chuck’n and grind’n!!

Good luck on your next fishing adventure.

A couple reminders, Nevada free fishing day is today, and California free fishing day is July 1. Please pack out what you pack in to keep our outdoor recreation areas clean and free of litter.

If you get a photo of your catch, send it to

Hope to see you on the waters soon. Good fishin’ and tight lines.


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