Land sale paves way for Vista Grande

Vista Grande isn't much to look at from where the pavement ends south of Topsy Lane.

Vista Grande isn't much to look at from where the pavement ends south of Topsy Lane.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

The completed sale of 28.73 acres of U.S. Forest Service land north of Jacks Valley Road opens the way for the extension of Vista Grande.

On Thursday, Douglas County commissioners are being asked to accept right-of-way easements for the extension of the road and a water pipeline from just south of Topsy to Jacks Valley.

Extending Vista Grande across the former Forest Service parcel has been a longtime project.

A portion of the proceeds from the county’s first redevelopment district, which saw the development of the Target and Home Depot have been set aside to build the road, which appears in the county’s five-year Transportation Master Plan.

“The project has been delayed several times because of the challenges in obtaining a permanent easement or right-of-way from the U.S. Forest Service,” Deputy District Attorney Carey Rosser wrote in her report.

A map shows the right of way linking to Jacks Valley 400 feet east of the southern intersection with the road that leads to Indian Hills.

The Record-Courier has reached out to the Forest Service to learn how much the two parcels earned.

According to the Douglas County’s Assessor’s Office the parcels are valued at $2.75 million.

The property was purchased by Consolidated Partners which filed with the Nevada Secretary of State’s Office on Dec. 5, 2022.

The company has an address in Mound House and according to the Secretary of State’s filing the partners include Charles and Cynthia Bluth, Steven and Corina Pokrajac and Peps Equipment Inc.

The Bluth’s made national news last year when they put their home in Glenbrook on the market for $100 million, a record at the time.

The right-of-way passes to the east of eight Jacks Valley residents’ properties.

Further north on the west side of Vista Grande, a sawmill is under construction on land leased by the Washoe Tribe. As of Saturday, steel girders for the main building were visible on the property.

The Jacks Valley parcels were landlocked from other Forest Service land and were among the parcels listed for disposal in the Douglas County Lands bill proposed in 2009.

Land between Ruhenstroth and the Douglas County Fairgrounds that would allow the county to provide an alternate route out of the south Valley community awaits passage of the bill.


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