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Tigers put 15 on all-region teams

Douglas High’s Aaron Tekansik looks to turn his opponent from Damonte Ranch, during a dual meet earlier this season. Tekansik picked up a first team all-region selection at 190 pounds this winter to cap his junior season.

Douglas High’s Aaron Tekansik looks to turn his opponent from Damonte Ranch, during a dual meet earlier this season. Tekansik picked up a first team all-region selection at 190 pounds this winter to cap his junior season.
Photo by Ron Harpin.

Douglas High School wrestling capped a solid year with 15 wrestlers selected for the Class 5A North all-region team.

Leading the way for the Tiger boys were Aaron Tekansik, Sage Adie, Michael White and Dalton Nixon with first team selections.

Meanwhile on the girls side, both Ella Kavanagh and Bliss Moody scored first team all-region selections as well.

Tekansik wrestled at 190 pounds for the Tigers this season and took third at the regional meet before ending the season with a 33-16 record.

Adie was a regional runner-up at 215 pounds and capped the season with a 33-13 split.

The junior was a second team all-region selection last season at 182 pounds.

Michael White repeated as a first team all-region honoree at heavyweight after being named to the team last year as a sophomore.

White took third at regionals this year and posted a 28-19 overall record, per TrackWrestling.

Dalton Nixon made his first appearance on the all-region squad as a sophomore, going 22-16 on the season and taking third at regionals at 157 pounds.

Ella Kavanagh and Bliss Moody were both first team selections after finishing in second place in their respective 100-pound and 120-pound weight classes as regionals.

It was the first time on the all-region teams for both freshman Kavanagh and sophomore Moody.

Second team selections

Rounding out the girls all-region selections was fellow freshman Jasmine Tamondong, who was third at the regional meet at 107 pounds.

Joining her were a plethora of Tiger boys wrestlers, including several returnees to the postseason honors.

Cody Highfill and Jacob Lewis both earned their way onto the second team all-region squads for this season after getting the nod last winter as well.

Victor Valdez joined both of them as a second time all-region selection at 126 pounds this winter.

At 138 pounds, Kai Blumenthal took advantage of a 21-13 record to take fifth at the regional tournament.

Caine Klein (157 pounds) and Jaxon Nixon (175) both made their first appearances on the all-region teams.

Roan Zigenis was also a second team selection at 215 pounds for the Tigers.

Class 5A all-region teams


Coach of the year – Joe Imelli, Spanish Springs

Lower weight wrestler of the year – Tobery Foreman, SpSp

Middle weight wrestler of the year – Preston Harn, McQueen

Upper weight wrestler of the year – Shane Hepner, McQ


Coach of the year – Mike Klapp, Reed

Lower weight wrestler of the year – Katie Ward, McQ

Upper weight wrestler of the year – Maria Aiono, Reed


106 pounds

1st team – Tobey Foreman, SpSp; Manakai Kim, Galena; Brady Porter, SpSp.

2nd team – Jared Hurlburt, Damonte Ranch; Jesse Oliva, Carson; Jaedin Low, DR.

113 pounds

1st team – Justin Ruinz, SpSp; Nick McGee, Reno; Luis Tapia, Reed.

2nd team – Dikota Diamond, Galena; Gage White, SpSp; Gunnar Bleeker, Douglas.

120 pounds

1st – Noah Perez, SpSp; Cade Ross, McQ; Cayden Long, Damonte Ranch

2ndCody Highfill, Douglas; Jacob Lewis, Douglas; Tristan Diaz, Galena

126 pounds

1st – Abner Lopez, SpSp; Evan Krantz, McQ; Lucas Wold, Carson.

2nd – Brady Olson, Damonte Ranch; Victor Valdez, Douglas; Patrick Dye, Galena

132 pounds

1st – Noah Perez, SpSp; Logan Obert, Galena; Edward Osborn, Damonte Ranch

2nd – Kadrick Lewallen, SpSp; Calen Sharron, Galena; Kayne Thomson, McQ

138 pounds

1st – Dominic Ruiz, SpSp; Eli Barajas, McQ; Chris Kosturos, Reno

2ndJett Rupert, Carson; Kai Blumenthal, Douglas; Brady Dixon, Galena

144 pounds

1st – Gianni Barajas, McQ; Cooper Milligan, SpSp; Damien Taylor, Reed.

2nd – Alexander Hayes, Reno; Darrel Chaney, Reed; Cole Denney, Galena

150 pounds

1st – Preston Harn, McQ; Liam Malley, Reed; Kolby Benge, SpSp.

2nd – William Fisher, Reno; Tony Uccelli, McQ; Jon Barnes-Hurt, Carson.

157 pounds

1st – Graham Lemons, Reno; Porter Gresko, SpSp; Dalton Nixon, Douglas.

2nd – Eugene Atkinson, McQ; Drake Polak, Reed; Dekai Spears, DR.

165 pounds

1st – Breck Worthen, Reno; Jeffrey Heaton, Carson; Garytt Ostrander, SpSp.

2nd – Michael Kiker, DR; Caine Klein, Douglas; Nate Koval, McQ.

175 pounds

1st – Shane Hepner, McQ; Braelen Toles, DR; John Riley, Galena.

2nd – Jose Solis, Reed; Jackson Phillips, SpSp; Jaxon Nixon, Douglas.

190 pounds

1st – Jonathan Eubanks, Reed; Caden Fowler, SpSp; Aaron Tekansik, Douglas.

2nd – Louis Uccelli, McQ; Cole Lemons, Reno, Christian Rey, Carson.

215 pounds

1st – Connor Nordt, SpSp; Sage Adie, Douglas; Heath Doering, Galena.

2nd – Owen Layfield, Reno; Roan Zigenis, Douglas; Darron Rey, Carson

285 pounds

1st – Trey Smith, McQ; Kyler Blazer, DR; Michael White, Douglas.

2ndDominic Porter, Carson; Jorge Gonzales, Reno; Justin Hoefler, SpSp.


100 pounds

1st – Sophie Workman, Fernley; Ella Kavanagh, Douglas.

2nd – Viviana Zavala, SpSp; Vanessa Romero, Elko.

107 pounds

1st – Shaylee Gavin, Fernley; Bella Coronado, McQ

2ndJasmine Tamondong, Douglas; Natalia Hernandez, Elko.

114 pounds

1stAmber Perkins, Carson; Emily Smith, Reed.

2nd – Ella Parker, SpSp; Anastasia Curitti, Coral Reno.

120 pounds

1st – Katie Ward, McQ; Bliss Moody, Douglas.

2nd – Ava Parker, SpSp; Ekko Kosturos, Reno.

126 pounds

1st – Meredith Nash, Reed; Nadera Muhammad, Fernley.

2nd – Maria Mendoza-Flores, Fernley; Keyona Apodaca, Elko.

132 pounds

1st – Aneka Mathews, Reed; Penelope Ruiz, Elko.

2nd – Maliyah Moore, Sparks; Ruby Barrett-Reese, Fernley.

138 pounds

1st – Ainsley Gordon, Reed; Alyssa Winters, Reed.

2nd – Kaytlynn Sibrian, McQ, Kylee Hamilton, Elko.

145 pounds

1st – Whitney Heit, Bishop Manogue; Maria Depalacio, Hug.

2nd – TeTiare Pedro-Cabanoda, Reed; Mulania Jones, Elko.

152 pounds

1stEllah Olson, Carson; Hannah Montoya, Spring Creek.

2nd – Jaclyn Daley, McQ; Elece Baron, Reed.

165 pounds

1st – Jasmien Morales, McQ; Camila Martinez, Sparks.

2nd – Simaima Masi, Wooster; Ella Evangalista, Reed.

185 pounds

1st – Maria Aiono, Reed; Jennifer Galvan, Battle Mountain.

2nd – Avianna Robles, Elko; Anete Chavarin, South Tahoe.

235 pounds

1st – Olivia Jenkins, Galena; Ellie Smith, Reed

No second team.


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