Douglas County legal - 31183


Notice is hereby given that the following individuals are indebted to Stor-All at 808 

Short Court, Gardnerville, Nevada 89460 for past due rent and other charges. Auction 

will be conducted pursuant to NRS 108.473 thru NRS 108.4783. Auction will be 

conducted online at, starting March 1, 2023 ending March 8, 

2023. Stor-All reserves the right to bid on any unit. Sale of a unit is subject to 

cancellation in the event of a settlement between Landlord and obligated party. 

Adam Reigle B020 8x10:Mattress, roll top desk 

Toby Russell C019 8x10:Furniture, appliances, gaming chair 

Tonya Schmittpyles E011 8x10: Tool box, luggage, furniture 

Trudy Heise G003 8x20: Smoker, dining set, appliances, christmas decor, chest freezer 

Dusty Greenlee H001 8x20: Outdoor gear, cabinets, BT speaker, women’s clothes 

Trudy Heise K014 10x16: Tables, lawn equipment, dining set, wall art 

Thomas Neilsen O010 11x28: Treadmill, kayak, car seats, strollers, stereo speakers, dining set, bassinet 

James Gallerani Q050 10x20: Pool table, lumber 

Lance Locastro V046 10x25: Pinball machine, couch, TVs, electric drum set, mountain bikes, guitar amp 

Lois Merkley W065 10x10: Yarn, camping equipment, sewing supplies 

Pub Date: February 15, 22, 2023 

Ad # 31183


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