Douglas County legal - 44398


Notice is hereby given that the following individuals are indebted to Stor-All at 1456 D. Industrial Way, Gardnerville, Nevada 89410 for past due rent and other charges. Auction will be conducted pursuant to NRS 108.473 through NRS 108.4783. Auction will be conducted online at, starting July 10, 2024, ending July 17, 2024. Stor-All reserves the right to bid on any unit. Sale of a unit is subject to cancellation in the event of a settlement between Landlord and obligated party. 

Sarah E Hansen 10×20 #022 workout equipment, weed eater, futon mattress, furniture, walker, boxes, heaters, etc. 

Joe L Sprague 10×20 #123 books, totes, art, skis, mini fridge/freezer, lamps, boxes, tapestry, etc. 

Charlie Gordon10×10 #221 antique sewing machine, crate, boxes, air hose, power tool cases, punching bag, etc. 

Alfred Duran 5×10 #243 oxygen machine, furniture, metal shelving, bags, coolers, stools, shelving, etc. 

Candice Desbians 5×10 #251 wall art, nesting tables, boxes, ottoman, basket, books, mirror, sleeping bag, etc. 

Roland Dryer 10×20 #323 globe, skis, stools, bats, chaffing dish, hutch, milkshake machine, luggage, ice cream maker, etc. 

Pub Date: July 3, 10, 2024 Ad # 44398


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