Stormy weather just enough to prevent Care Flight from landing at Stateline

Tracks in new fallen snow on a lane north of Genoa on Saturday morning.

Tracks in new fallen snow on a lane north of Genoa on Saturday morning.

Weather conditions required a Tahoe-Douglas ambulance to transport someone injured in a collision at Stateline to meet Care Flight at a Carson Valley landing spot.

The collision occurred at Lake Parkway and Highway 50, according to the Nevada State Police on Highway 50 in Glenbrook.

In another upside down storm, Fredricksburg in southern Carson Valley received more snow than Kingsbury Grade on Saturday morning.

Fredericksburg resident Jeff Garvin reported receiving about 2.5- 3 inches of snow on Saturday morning.

A site a mile northeast of Kingsbury Grade reported 2 inches, according to the National Weather Service. A similar amount fell in Genoa and in Minden.

The storm seemed to favor more northerly locations with Reno reporting 5.7 inches and Sparks reporting 4.5 inches of snow, according to the Weather service.

According to weather data for Minden, February has seen .57 inches of moisture, so far, which is slightly ahead of the average of .51 inches.

Saturday’s snow was very light, containing only .06 inches of moisture, according to Minden weather watcher Stan Kapler.

Road controls are in effect on Highway 50 over Echo Summit and on Highway 88 from Mesa Vista all the way to Cook’s Station.

Several locations in the foothills around Carson Valley still have snow on the ground as a result of a combination of heavy precipitation and cold temperatures.

Freezing weather is expected to return on Tuesday and Wednesday, dropping 15-20 degrees. Highs are forecast to barely cross the freezing mark while lows temperatures are anticipated to degrees into the mid-teens, which are 25 degrees below average for mid-February.


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