Carson Valley Medical Center donates life-saving devices to Douglas High

Douglas High School Nurse Jennifer Hinnant next to a new AED.

Douglas High School Nurse Jennifer Hinnant next to a new AED.

Two advanced automatic external defibrillators were donated to Douglas High School by Carson Valley Medical Center.

The defibrillators are medical devices that can analyze a heart’s rhythm and, if necessary, deliver an electrical shock, or defibrillation, to help the heart re-establish an effective rhythm. AEDs can significantly increase the survival rate for cardiac arrest victims when paired with high-quality CPR, especially when used within the first three minutes after collapse, according to the center.

“The new G5 AEDs that CVMC donated are equipped with an ‘Intellisense CPR feedback’ pad that allows users to accurately give adequate chest compressions,” said school Nurse Jennifer Hinnant. “Our staff are trained and retrained every year on how to use AEDs and are now in a better position to respond to a cardiac event before, during, or after school hours.”

The G5 model AEDs replaced the discontinued G3 models.

One defibrillator is located in the commons and another located in the 400 Hall. Having the AEDs located on different ends of the campus helps potential responders to deliver life-saving medical aid within the crucial first three minutes.

“I feel much better knowing that we have the two new G5 AEDs in-place here at the high school,” said Hinnant. “Having a higher likelihood of saving one of our students, staff, or community members suffering from a cardiac event can make all the difference to them and their families.”

Medical Center Chief Operations Officer Shannon Albert said care for the health and wellness of the community is part of the center’s mission.

“We are thrilled to be able to provide these life saving devices for the many lives they could affect,” she said.


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