Irrigation vault source of outage that affected Genoa Lakes

NV Energy workers on Genoa Aspen Drive work to repair a fault that knocked power out to Genoa Lakes on Thursday evening.

NV Energy workers on Genoa Aspen Drive work to repair a fault that knocked power out to Genoa Lakes on Thursday evening.

A power outage that affected Genoa Lakes residents for about five hours on Thursday evening was traced to an irrigation pump off Genoa Aspen Drive.

After tracing the fault to the pump, workers were able to switch circuits to isolate it and restore electricity to around 170 NV Energy customers by 9:40 p.m., power company officials said.

“The golf course removed a large juniper bush near the vault today so we could get in there to work,” said Marketing Advisor Calder Chism. “We have a crew on it so we should be able to repair it and switch everything back to normal by the end of the day.”

Reports of interruptions to Spectrum Cable in the vicinity may be related to the power company work.

• A waterline break resulted in an alarm at a Meridian Business Park address on Friday afternoon.

East Fork firefighters responded to 2222 Park Place which houses Berkich Landscape at 12:21 p.m.

Firefighters onscene reported that the broken water lines flooded the structure and that water had to be shut off.

Extremely cold temperatures were recorded in the vicinity earlier in the week that may have contributed to the broken lines.

The property manager had to set a fire watch while the lines are fixed.

• On Jan. 30, Tahoe Douglas Fire Protection District responded to a fire in a vacation home rental caused by an overheating bathroom fan.

Because the vacation rental owner had all of the required fire and life safety systems in place, a monitored fire alarm system, and fire extinguishers, the occupants were able to utilize the properly sized fire extinguisher to stop the fire from spreading. All the occupants were able to get out safely. When Tahoe Douglas firefighters arrived on scene, they were able to overhaul the area and verify extinguishment. The connected units were not affected.

“Remember; always have two ways out of any building, close bedroom doors when you go to sleep, check smoke alarms for proper operation and make sure there is a carbon monoxide alarm,” fire officials said. “Know where fire extinguishers are located and how to use them. And please remember to clean the dust that builds up in kitchen and bathroom fans.”

For additional fire safety information, please visit


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