Grading for Minden senior living facility underway

Grading is underway for a senior living facility off Ironwood drive east of Highway 395.

Grading is underway for a senior living facility off Ironwood drive east of Highway 395.
Photo by Kurt Hildebrand.

Grading is underway on an $8 million senior living facility that has been in the planning stage for 16 years.

Originally dubbed the Verandah, the project at 973 Ironwood has been renamed the Valage Minden.

Construction on the 79,000 square foot project was up against a March 2023 deadline after their special use permit approval received a second two-year extension from Planning Commissioners in 2021.

Construction on the project was first approved in 2017 but builders had to get a previous extension in 2019.

Representatives for the project cited the coronavirus outbreak for the delay when they went to the planning commission.

“I don’t think any of us could have predicted the impact that the pandemic was going to have on projects,” Carson Tahoe Hospital representative Mike Railey told planning commissioners. “This project was moving forward, and unfortunately assisted living projects were some of the hardest hit with COVID, in terms of not only did that result in funding freezes for assisted living projects but it has fundamentally changed how developers of those projects design the facilities.”

Further north, a building permit is under review for a 166,903-square-foot United Parcel Service distribution center located at 2453 Heybourne Road.

According to the county building permit, the project is valued at $5.67 million and is located just north of VIP Rubber.

The UPS center is projected to create 15 jobs over the first two years it’s in operation after it was approved for $965,509 in tax abatements.


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