Johnson Lane in the All About Dance spotlight

Ribbon work at the new All About Dance location in Johnson Lane.

Ribbon work at the new All About Dance location in Johnson Lane.
Photo by Sarah Drinkwine.

Johnson Lane seems to be in the spotlight as three dance studios have occupied that location over the last decade, including All About Dance.

All About Dance opened its second location in the former Studio E- a dance and Aerial Arts studio and JLane Family dance and fitness location Oct. 3.

Owner and Creative Director Sarah Palamar said the Ironwood location, though still open, has not accommodated to the growing classes and students the dance studio has. The opportunity for a second studio seemed like a good leap.

“We just want to be prepared,” Palamar said. “We want to provide more opportunity to anyone who needs or wants a class and to not have to send anyone away because we are full or have them be on a waitlist.”

All About Dance is a performance arts studio in Minden offering professional dance training and guidance in personal self-worth and talent. The studio offers 55 classes a week from ballet, hip-hop and jazz, to lyrical, musical theater, flexibility, acrobatics and gymnastics, tumbling, cheer, Acro fitness, aerial silks and circus arts. There’s also the leap of faith class-a teen ministry and bible study, Christian music and dance group.

Allowing for 25-26 feet high silks, Palamar said the Johnson Lane location features to more aerial arts, silks and circus arts.

“There was just not enough room at the other location, so this gives us more room to offer more opportunity,” she said.

Palamar said the studio was completely refurbished with new lifted and spring floors, two rooms and a viewing area with screens for parents.

“We’re excited to be able to expand and offer more,” she said. “We want to open more classes in the future and offer more of what the community is looking for.”

Palamar said Aerial, silks and circus arts has become one of the most popular classes.

“It’s just fun,” she said. “It’s fun to see the pretty silks and see someone tumbling in it. What’s really neat is experiencing someone face their fear of heights, tumbling or falling and succeed at something they didn’t think they could.”

Classes currently for adults include teeny tiny and me-a class for parents and young children, technique and style classes, AcroFit, silks and Aerial, and more.

“Acrofit is new,” said Palamar. “It’s based off training like an acrobat and provides a full body challenge, but it’s fun. I had one mom tell me she has been physically active her whole life, but nothing has been more challenging and fulfilling than acrofit.”

Other future classes will be tailored for seniors providing them with a physical and fun outlet.

“Seniors are important and we want to give them something to be healthy, happy, to socialize and have fun.”

Palamar said opening this second location gives All About Dance the opportunity to expand and offer the arts to all levels within the community.

“You’re never too old you are always welcome to come in and start,” she said. “No matter where you are in life you should be able to come in and find enjoyment and passion in the arts.”

All About Dance is locate at 178 Highway 39 Suite D in Minden and at 2556 Precision Dr Suite E, off Johnson Lane.

For more information visit or call 775-782-3425.


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