Election 2022: Nevada Governor

Four-year term

Candidates Ed Bridges and Brandon Davis didn’t respond.

Joseph “Joe” Lombardo

Party: Republican

Occupation: Sheriff of Clark County

Age: 59





Joseph “Joe” Lombardo


Record of service:

I served in the United States Army in the Armor Battalion. After serving in the Army, I continued my service in the Nevada National Guard. After the military, I began my career in 1988 with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Throughout my 26 years on the police force, I served as a sergeant, lieutenant, captain, deputy chief, and assistant sheriff. In 2014, I was elected as Clark County Sheriff, and in 2018, I was reelected.



Masters of Science, Crisis Management - UNLV, 2006

Bachelors of Science, Engineering - UNLV, 1985


Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.

I'm running to be the next Governor of Nevada. The Governor of Nevada is tasked to serve as the state's chief executive officer. In functioning as our state's CEO, the governor oversees Nevada's executive branch and our legislative operations and process.


Why are you running?

Right now, most Nevadans feel left out and left behind. I'm running for governor because our state deserves better than our current leadership. I'm running for better schools, safer streets, and a stronger economy.

A brief statement about your platform:

As governor, I'm ready to restore law & order, fix our education system, and build a strong, diversified economy on Day One. To start, I'll work to repeal soft-on-crime policies that handcuff police and make our communities less safe. Within education, I'll bring accountability and school choice to our school system. Furthermore, I'll honor the voices of parents and ensure that our education system starts to work for every child and every family. For our economy, I'll expand workforce development, remove burdensome business regulations, reform occupational licensing requirements, and institute a "No New Taxes" policy – and that's just what I'd call a good start.

For far too long, Nevadans have suffered from a failing education system, soft-on-crime policies, and a slow economic recovery from COVID. Our state is moving in the wrong direction, but I'm prepared to get our state back on track. I'm running for governor so Nevadans across the state can have safer communities, better schools, and more economic opportunities.


What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position:

My tenure as Clark County Sheriff and as the head of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has given me the leadership and experience that Nevadans can trust to get our state back on track. More than just that, my military service and my 26 years of service as a police officer have given me the guts to make tough decisions and to stand up for what's right.

After the COVID crisis, it was clear to me that our state needs a leader who can make common-sense policy decisions in the best interest of Nevadans. As sheriff, I make hundreds of critical decisions to keep Clark County safe every day. As governor, I'm ready to keep all of Nevada safe – and I'll never wait for the Governor of California to tell me what to do.

As the sheriff of Nevada's most populous county, I've overseen a $1.3 billion dollar budget, 6,000 employees, and the police department's efforts to protect thousands of visitors and millions of Clark County residents each day. Similarly, the governor oversees billions of dollars in the state's budget and thousands of employees and is tasked with leading and protecting our state. My time as sheriff of Clark County has perfectly prepared me for this role, and I'm ready to protect and serve our state as governor.

Steve Sisolak

Party: Democrat

Occupation: Governor of Nevada

Age: 68




Steve Sisolak


Record of Service:

Member, Nevada Board of Regents (1999-2008); Clark County Commissioner (2009-2019); Governor of Nevada (2019-Present)


B.S. from the University of Wisconsin-MIlwaukee (1974); M.B.A. from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (1978)

Why are you running?

When I took office in 2019, I never anticipated leading the state through a pandemic. Yet, despite the difficulties, we never lost focus.

Now, our economy is coming back stronger than ever - Nevada’s employment is at an all-time high and our employment growth is one of the fastest in the nation. I’m proud of our work to support small businesses, create jobs, lower the cost of child care, healthcare, housing, fund our schools and protect reproductive rights - but there’s still work left to do.

I’m running for a second term to build on our progress and continue supporting Nevada families.

Briefly describe the core duties of the position you are running for.

The governor is the Chief Executive Officer of Nevada and Commander in Chief of state military forces. The governor directs the budget process for each biennium, approves/disapproves policy from the legislature, has executive power to establish legislation, and fills vacancies to state commissions/boards according to state law.

A brief statement about your platform

My top issues are supporting Nevada families by keeping taxes low, lowering costs, strengthening our schools to make sure every student has the same opportunity to succeed, protecting reproductive freedom and building an economy that works for everyone.

We’ll get the job done by investing in housing affordability, lowering the cost of health care and high-quality child care, and keeping Nevada a low tax state. Wages are up, but we can do more to ensure every worker’s paycheck in our state matches the cost of living.

In my first term, I promised to be the Education Governor. Now, I want to build on our progress by giving our teachers another raise, expanding opportunities for teacher licensure to address the teacher shortage, investing in mental health and identifying pathways for universal pre-K. We’re also going to revolutionize our workforce by making community college and other apprenticeship programs free for more Nevadans by 2025, and we’ll make it easier than ever to start a business by cutting bureaucratic red tape.

Through these steps, we’ll improve Nevadans' quality of life, support our families, and make sure Nevada remains a welcoming state for years to come.


What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

Serving as Nevada’s governor has been the honor of my lifetime.

As governor, you have to make tough choices, work across the aisle to find compromise, and always stand up for what you believe is right. There have been many difficult decisions over the last three years, and not everyone has agreed with every decision I’ve made, but I did my best every day to protect Nevadans’ lives and livelihoods during a once in a century health crisis.

Even despite the pandemic, we made significant progress to grow our economy, improve high speed internet, support our schools, expand affordable health care, and fund our roads and bridges. I know we have more work to do to support our families, and I’m committed to getting the job done in a second term.

Nevada exemplifies the best of our nation. It’s more than just a tourist location or the sports capital of the world, it’s a community where people look out for one another, where you can start a small business and thrive, and it’s the best place in the nation to call home.

Nevada is where I built my own small business, raised my two daughters as a single father, and where I married my wife Kathy.

I love this state and our people, and I’m running to make their lives better.


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