Bently Lake Tahoe estate on market for $55 million

Christopher Bently's estate Wovoka is on the market for $55 million.

Christopher Bently's estate Wovoka is on the market for $55 million.
Clif Chase | Special to The R-C

A Lake Tahoe estate named after the Paiute religious leader who originated of the Ghost Dance is the crown jewel among the properties being sold by the Bently Family.

Wovoka has gone on the market for $55 million after being combined with a neighboring parcel.

Located at Glenbrook on the Lake’s shore, the home features 11,000 square feet of living space.

Represented by Chase International, the 4.85-acre estate consists of adjoining lots with seven structures, 370 feet of lake frontage, a private pier and five-car garage.

Over the last year, Bently has been selling off smaller properties.

This month with the sale of 24 acres in Minden north of Highway 395 and Zerolene for $675,000.

Both lots were purchased in 2013 for $7.04 million, around the same time Christopher Bently first unveiled plans for converting the Minden Mill into a distillery. At the time he was in the process of renovating the 10,000-square-foot Minden Farmers Bank. That project was completed in 2015 and the distillery would follow in 2019.

Bently has been selling parcels over the past year and on June 1, sold 24 acres north of Highway 395 and Zerolene for $675,000, according to the Douglas County Recorder’s Office.

In March, The Record-Courier reported that the Heritage Distillery in the old Minden Mill and the ranch were going on the market.

One of the largest landowners in the county, in May Bently announced it was divesting itself of the remaining 43,000 acres of the 60,000-plus acre holdings.

Included in the sale is 12,500 acres of the Bently Ranch across a half dozen locations, 904-acre Longfield, 1,500-acre Kirman Tract, the 1,900-acre Buckeye Creek Ranch and the 5,800 Pine Nut Creek Ranch, along with 75 separate lots consisting of 8,000 acres.



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